In case you are wondering if there are any healing prayers for animals, then this is for you. Yes, there are healing prayers for animals. And what is more, you can use them too and help your beloved animal companions.

My background is in Tibetan Buddhism. And I can only write about what I have practiced and benefited from. This article focuses on Buddhist healing prayers for animals. These have helped my own cats navigate their life’s journey. 

When my cat Amadeus was in his final stages, I would sit next to him and read out to him a set of prayers to help him navigate his transition. He loved the healing energy of the prayers and loved to sit next to me, head on my lap as I read them to him.

When his time came, he made the final crossing in my arms with the sound of the same healing prayers that I had recorded for him. There was an ethereal sense in the room that day and an ethereal sense of calmness that no illness could take away.

The Healing Power of Prayers

Prayers and mantras have a vibrational frequency that can create the space for profound healing. When we pray, we are down on our knees relinquishing our need to control a situation. Prayers can create a healing space where we move from our analytical minds trying to find a solution, to our heart centers, which is the space for connecting with our authentic selves and to Source. Healing prayers for animals can also come in the form of heartfelt gratitude. And when we move from our head to our heart, we create that space of healing for our beloved animal companions too.

What are the Good Healing Prayers for Animals?

Any prayer said from the heart is a very powerful form of energy healing. Healing prayers for animals have a vibration to them and what better vibration than the one where we are surrendering to the sacred within.

I believe that prayers also serve as a reminder. They remind us of our pristine primordial essence – the one that transcends all versions of realities that we are used to. And that is the essence of all healing prayers for animals.

And while this article lists the common Buddhist prayers, the benefits of healing prayers for animals are not dependent on your faith. Any prayer from the heart will help our animal companions and I urge you to find the ones you feel connected to.

Finding Comfort in Prayers During Challenging Times

In Buddhism, when we pray, we do so for the benefit of all sentient beings. There are hardly any Buddhist prayers that are self-centered and the ones that are, also pivot around the aspiration to be of benefit to all sentient beings.

My cats, the ones who are now in spirit as well as the ones currently with me have developed an affinity for the healing prayers for animals and mantras listed below. The house becomes quiet as we soak in the sacred essence of these prayers and mantras.

I hope you find benefit from these healing prayers for animals too.

How to Listen to these Healing Prayers for Animals?

The mantras and practices (sadhanas) are sacred and passed on from teacher to student through empowerment ceremonies. I am not qualified to teach them, but there are plenty of free resources available, which will allow you to simply listen to them and experience their healing benefits too.

These are sacred practices. I recommend listening to these healing prayers by setting an intention to benefit all sentient beings. And then dedicate any merit arising out of the healing prayers to your beloved animal companions.

The Medicine Buddha Healing Prayer and Mantra

In Tibetan Buddhist traditions, Sangye Menlha, or Medicine Buddha is regarded as the Buddha of healing. A Medicine Buddha healing prayer for animals and practice can have a profound influence on healing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions.

It is said that any animal who simply hears the name will be protected and guided into the next realm and rebirth. Prior to becoming a Buddha, Medicine Buddha had taken the vow to completely free all beings from their illnesses. Medicine Buddha is depicted as the same blue as the color of lapis-lazuli, the healing stone, which is also part of the Sanskrit name.

This simple healing prayer for animals is a recitation that you can play for your animal companions.

The Great Compassion Dharani

The Nilkantha Dharani or Mahakaruna Dharani or the Great Compassion Mantra is another popular healing prayer for animals amongst Mahayana Buddhists. This long mantra is associated with Chenrezig (Avalokiteshwara), the Buddha of Compassion. A Dharani is a container and this one is said to contain the entire Sutra (scriptural text) within it.

It is said that anyone who hears this prayer, 21 times or even 5 times will be protected from suffering after transition and will always find themselves in supportive environments for all lifetimes to come.

This simple healing prayer for animals is also a recitation that you can play for your animal companions.

The Metta (Maitri) Prayer

Reflecting on the four immeasurables is a foundational practice for Mahayana Buddhist practitioners. Just as we want our animal companions to be free of suffering, by meditating on these four immeasurables, we can expand our circle of compassion. Our animal companions benefit because they love the energy when we get into a state of selfless compassion. And always, remember to dedicate any merit arising from the practice.

The four are equanimity, unconditional love, compassion, and joy and this circle includes friends, foes, and the ones we are neutral to as well.

The roots of the Metta prayer can also be traced to these four. The Metta is a valuable healing prayer for animals when you are dealing with behavior challenges and trying to establish harmony in a multi-species household.

The Six-Syllable Mantra

There was a time when I would get very easily moved and overwhelmed by the suffering of the stray cats and dogs we find on our streets. Some said that it was good that I was compassionate. But a teacher reminded me that my being overwhelmed was not doing anything to help the cats and dogs. In fact, it is possible that my sense of being overwhelmed was an obstacle to their path as well. Instead, I was advised to remember the six-syllable mantra of compassion and use that as a healing prayer for animals. This powerful healing prayer for animals can be transformative support for the animals as well as us.

The Mani mantra.

This healing prayer for animals is popular amongst Tibetan Buddhist practitioners and is often a go-to mantra for someone in suffering. And it can bring great benefit to your animal companions too. This is the short mantra of Chenrezig (Avalokiteshwara), the one who took the vow of Bodhicitta that he would not attain enlightenment until all sentient beings had done so.

Reciting this mantra for your animal companions can create the causes and conditions for them to go straight to the pure realm of Chenrezig after they transition and be free from the cycle of suffering.

Prayer to Green Tara

Sometimes during my energy healing sessions, Spirit Guides and Allies show up – some of them show up because they share a connection with my client – animal or human. Sometimes they show up to assist with the healing. Green Tara often shows up, guiding me as I facilitate the healing. This is not a para-normal sighting and does not necessarily come with flashing lights and colors. Perhaps she shows up to remind me that sometimes a healer needs to relinquish the need to control a session. And perhaps she reminds me that help is available for anyone who seeks it.

Arya Tara's Vows

My teacher at the monastery once told our Sangha the story of how Arya Tara has taken a vow to look after anyone who calls out to her. He said that when we find ourselves in trouble, in sticky situations, sick or in danger, if we can remember her, there will be an answer. Remember that answer, does not mean a miracle cure, sometimes the answer comes in the form of support needed to cope with the situation or to navigate a challenge.

A Healing Prayer for Amadeus

When the vet had said that my cat, Amadeus needed surgery and it will not be an easy one, it was one such situation for both Amadeus and me. I remember waiting outside the clinic while the surgery was going on with just my prayer beads in my hands. And it was the Green Tara mantra that I took refuge in. The surgery was a success. Amadeus made it and recovered soon enough.

Here is Ani Choying Drolma’s rendition of the Green Tara mantra and I hope your animal companions benefit from following along with this.

“The more you pray, the less you'll panic. The more you worship, the less you worry. You'll feel more patient and less pressured.”