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What You Need To Know About
Animal Communication and Healing

For centuries, the often misinterpreted practices of animal communication and healing have been instrumental in fostering a deeper connection between humans and animals. These methods not only facilitate the physical and emotional healing of our cherished animal companions but also illuminate our shared world in a fresh, enlightening perspective.

If you are curious about animal communication and healing and whether they are just a mental trick or imagination, then this article is for you. We will look at how animal communication and healing work and what you need to consider before hiring a professional.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the ability to connect with animals on a telepathic level, allowing us to understand their thoughts, feelings, and needs. By communicating with animals, we can develop a deeper understanding of their behavior and needs, which can ultimately lead to a stronger bond between humans and animals.

What is Energy Healing for Animals?

Energy healing, on the other hand, involves using various techniques to assist animals in their physical and emotional healing. This can include modalities such as Animal Reiki, Scalar Waves, EFT Tapping, Shamanic Healing, Meridian Touch, Flower Essences, and more. By addressing the root cause of an animal’s physical or emotional ailment, we can help them to heal and live happier, healthier lives.

The Fundamental Principles Behind Animal Communication and Healing

Let’s start by looking at the two fundamental principles behind animal communication and healing.

Principle 1: Everything is Energy. Everything we see, touch and feel is made up of teeny tiny particles of energy. Matter as we know is a manifestation of Energy. Our physical form is energy.  Even our feelings and thoughts are just different forms of energy, all buzzing around us.

Principle 2: If everything in the world is Energy, then we are all connected. Both you and I are manifestations of energy, and the space between us is also energy. Therefore, we are all interconnected

How Does Animal Communication Work?

Did you know that only 7% of human communication is words? The remaining 93% is non-verbal communication. Think body language, gestures, and the occasional touch. And guess what? You are already a pro at this with your furry friends. You know what a slow eye-blink means, which meow means hunger and which one means, “I wanna play.”

Telepathic communication is a fascinating phenomenon that is rooted in the fundamental principles of energy – the idea that everything is energy and that we are all interconnected. To communicate in this way, most communicators like me will get into a quiet state of mind free from mental clutter, thoughts, and beliefs and establish a connection with an animal from their hearts. It’s a heart-to-heart connection and then we listen quietly to what comes from the animal – without judgements.  Information comes to us in the form of words, images, feelings, or sometimes a knowing.  Our role is to relay this information back to you.

We are your interspecies energy babel fish!

How Does Energy Healing for Animals Work?

Remember that everything is energy. Remember your physics lessons? We learned about waves and particles, and when it comes to energy, we are dealing with waves. Waves possess a fundamental quality – vibration – which gives rise to frequency. The end result is that each individual’s energy field is distinctive, forming their own unique energy signature.

The key to optimal health and wellness is balance. It’s like tuning a violin: not too tight, not too loose. When we are in balance, we feel harmonious, healthy, and well. However, when our vibrational frequency becomes disordered, we experience illness.

Various challenges such as physical illnesses, emotional distress, and mental can make our energy fields go out of tune. Similarly, an out-of-tune energy field can also lead to various ailments.

The good news is that energy is always in flux, and while it can become unbalanced, it can also be restored. By realigning these energies, we can achieve both physical and emotional well-being. We can have healing.

When Do You Need the Services of a Professional Animal Communicator or Energy Healer?

No one knows your animal companions better than you do. And you are the one who can decide what is best for them. And there are times when a professional animal communication and healing session with a qualified practitioner can make a positive difference and help both your animal companions as well as you, on your respective paths. And these are my top five scenarios when professional services become essential.

Acute illnesses

#1: If your animal companion is recovering from surgery or struggling with an acute illness or an injury, energy healing will turbo-charge the recovery process. You will see shifts happening in days and instead of weeks and months, your animal companion can bounce back within days.

Chronic conditions

#2: When managing a chronic illness such as a heart or a kidney condition, ongoing energy healing sessions can smoothen the side-effects of medications and treatments and increase longevity.

Emotional distress

#3: Energy healing can bring comfort during emotional distress such as grief over the loss of another animal or human companion. It can bring the spark back into their lives.

Undesired behavior

#4: Undesired behavior, such as not using the litter box or barking at family members, can manifest due to physical illness, emotional distress, and sometimes a lack of training in dogs. Animal communication will provide insights into what is causing this behavior and you can make more informed decisions. Sometimes animal communication and healing can work hand-in-hand especially if the root of the challenge lies in emotional distress such as fear, anxiety, or grief.

Changes such as when you are out on a trip

#5: If you live with cats and dogs, you already know how hard it is to plan for travel and vacation where we cannot take them along with us. How, then, can you make them comfortable and know that the sitter or the boarding is providing all that they need? With animal communication, you will hear from your beloved companion about their take on the situation and their wants and needs and also get assurance that the energy healing work will hold space for them while you are out.

What You Need to Know Before Signing Up for An Animal Communication and Healing Session

Before committing to a session, it is essential to be aware of certain aspects of animal communication and healing. Make sure you understand what you are signing up for to ensure the best experience possible.

What Animal Communication Is and Is Not

  • An animal communicator cannot make decisions on your behalf. We can help you with insights into what your animal feels about a situation to empower you to make those decisions as the primary caregiver.
  • Animal Communication is not a medical diagnosis. You will need to work with a trusted medical practitioner to understand the medical needs.
  • Here’s an important differentiation: animal communication should not be confused with divination. While we can convey your animal companion’s perspective on certain matters, we cannot foretell how and when an animal will reincarnate.
  • When seeking an animal communicator, it is important to know that there are two different styles. The first is more practical and actionable, while the second ventures into more mystical terrain. Determine what you are seeking, and then choose an animal communicator who understands and can meet your expectations.

Preparing for An Energy Healing Session? Important Considerations

  • Conditions can be classified into two categories: acute and chronic. Acute conditions are intense and time-critical, while chronic conditions are long-term. You are likely to see faster results with acute conditions, while chronic conditions are likely to require a more long-term plan.
  • Energy healing is not the promise of an instant cure. Be prepared that your animal companion is likely to need additional follow-up sessions to achieve the desired results.
  • Energy healing works hand-in-hand with the cycles of nature and not against it. If your animal companion is nearing their end of life, it is highly unlikely that energy healing will reverse the natural process of death. In such scenarios, energy healing will help in making the transition a more bearable process.
  • Energy healing is not a substitute for medical care and dog training. When the situation demands, you will also need to work with your medical practitioner or a trainer. Energy healing will support the process but will not be a substitute for medical treatments or training.

The Animal Communication and Healing Code of Ethics

I believe that every communicator and every animal healing practitioner needs to follow a code of ethics. And, the first and foremost principle we follow is the need to ask permission. No communication and no healing session can happen without your consent.

I am committed to adhering to both the Animal Communicator Code of Ethics by Penelope Smith and the Animal Reiki Code of Ethics that was developed by Kathleen Prasad

And finally, your participation in the process is vital for your animal companions’ wellness. You will need to show up for the sessions, be present, and provide accurate feedback. Remember that this is a partnership and you play a vital role.

What Can You Expect From A Session

With an animal communication session, you will first and foremost, get a knowing that it is indeed your animal companion who is communicating. You will remember who they are and their quirks and those little things that make you smile. And sometimes just remembering brings healing for you, especially if you are struggling with a distressful challenge. And if there are behavioral challenges, you will find insights into what is triggering the undesired behavior.

Animals are far more in tune with the subtle energies than we are. And they respond to energy healing much faster. Sometimes after a session, you will see them more relaxed and sleepier. Or sometimes, you will see an increase in activity and awareness levels – such as an increase in playfulness or greater mobility. In chronic cases, the healing process may be more gradual, requiring multiple sessions for significant improvement to be noticeable.

Conclusion: Animal Communication and Healing Are Powerful Wellness Tools

In conclusion, animal communication and healing are powerful tools that can help improve the well-being of both animals and humans. By understanding and communicating with animals, we can gain a deeper appreciation of their intelligence, emotions, and needs, and form stronger bonds with them.

Animal communication can also be used to help animals overcome physical and emotional challenges. By tuning into an animal’s energy and using various techniques such as Shamanic Healing, EFT, Scalar Waves, and Reiki, we can help them heal and regain their balance.

Overall, animal communication and healing are valuable practices that can benefit both animals and humans and promote greater understanding and compassion in the world.


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