Intuitive Energy Healing for Animals in Mumbai: Transforming Lives

If you’re in Mumbai and seeking a special and effective method to enhance the well-being of your animal companions, intuitive energy healing for animals may be the solution. This practice utilizes the power of energy to facilitate healing and restore balance in your cats and dogs. Experience the advantages of this alternative healing approach and provide your beloved animal companions with the care they truly deserve.

Should Mumbai consider distance energy healing for their animal companions?

If you’re in Mumbai and seeking a special and effective method to enhance the well-being of your cats and dogs, intuitive energy healing for animals may be the solution. This practice utilizes the power of energy to facilitate healing and restore balance in your furry friends. Experience the advantages of this alternative healing approach and provide your beloved cats and dogs with the care they truly deserve.

What is Intuitive Energy Healing and How Does It Work?

In Mumbai, there are holistic options available for intuitive energy healing for animals. Energy healing is a practice that utilizes various modalities and techniques to bring about deep healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Just like humans, animals also have a subtle energy field, including Qi, Prana, chakras, and meridians. They are innately sensitive to this energy and often respond quickly and profoundly to energy healing. The beauty of energy work is that it can be done remotely, so even if you are in Mumbai or any other location, your animal can still benefit from energy healing sessions conducted from anywhere in the world.

Your Animal Companions Benefit

In Mumbai, intuitive energy healing for animals has shown remarkable results in supporting their physical and emotional well-being. One example is Pico, a dog who was critically ill with canine parvo-virus. Despite the doctors predicting a low chance of survival, Pico’s human mom reached out for energy healing support. After just one session, Pico showed signs of improvement, recognizing her humans and becoming more alert. With each subsequent session, Pico’s recovery accelerated, and she was eventually able to return home. This is just one of many success stories of energy healing for animals.

Intuitive energy healing for animals works across physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your cats and dogs.

Energy healing can help:

  • Accelerate recovery from injuries and acute illnesses;
  • Free up emotional distress such as grief over the loss of a loved one;
  • Establish and deepen the human-animal trust and bond;
  • Remote check-in and support for your friend when you travel and have to leave them with a sitter or at boarding;
  • Support the aging process and help our senior animals live with increased mobility and zest;
  • Hold space for a peaceful transition.

Intuitive Energy Healing for Animals at Way of Artemis

In Mumbai, Way of Artemis offers intuitive energy healing for animals.
Just as each human is unique, each animal is too. This is why at Way of Artemis I use an intuitive blend depending on your animal companion’s choices and needs. My signature blend of energy healing is derived from multiple modalities including:

It is all about results! If after the first session, you do not see any benefit, you are not charged. The most common response to the first session is a sense of relaxation and in some cases a renewed sense of vigor and interest in life.

About Me & Way of Artemis

Animal reiki teacher - Indrani
Petworks Approved

Hello, my name is Indrani and I am an experienced practitioner of intuitive energy healing for animals servicing animals and humans worldwide including Mumbai. With over a decade of experience in animal communication, reiki, and other healing modalities, I am dedicated to helping animals heal and thrive.
My journey into the world of energy medicine began after the heartbreaking loss of my beloved cat, Artemis. In her memory, I founded Way of Artemis, which represents my unique healing techniques.

I completed my graduation in the 18-month Animal Mastery Program at Joan Ranquet’s Communication with All Life University (CWALU), where I gained hands-on experience working with over 200 animals. Additionally, I am a teacher member at Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) and have received training and certification in Animal Reiki directly from Kathleen Prasad, the founder of the Let Animals Lead © method and co-founder of SARA.

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What Clients Say

  • It is no coincidence that our paths crossed with Indrani. I am very lucky to have a session with her that I have always wanted to have one. I've been... read more

    Arzu Calguner Avatar Arzu Calguner

    Indrani is a compassionate healer full of integrity and trust. I am getting regular healing sessions for my cat Jerry who is a stray. I could see visible differences in... read more

    Naveen Nagaraja Avatar Naveen Nagaraja

    In her professional work and her life, Indrani epitomizes the spirit of Reiki. She is gracious, humble, and compassionate in sharing Reiki with animals and humans. Her Reiki and... read more

    Bogart Nadel Avatar Bogart Nadel
  • When I was out of the country for four months it was extremely reassuring to know that Indrani was in communication with my cat Kiwi twice a month while I... read more

    Joni Dittrich, Ph.D. Avatar Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.

    Sessions with Indrani have been very useful. Helped in managing distress for my pets where a lot of other behaviour research failed. The healing helps both the animal and their... read more

    Fatima Sami Avatar Fatima Sami

    I was always very fascinated with animal communication and when my dog fell really sick I was desperate to somehow understand her distress and what she wants. I strongly believe... read more

    Sushree Mohanty Avatar Sushree Mohanty
  • Animal communication is something that always interest me but never got chance to experience it. Very recently i pet sit Indrani's cat and realised that indrani is into Animal communication.... read more

    fatema chitalwala Avatar fatema chitalwala

    Hi Indrani, words are not enough to pen down my thoughts and my experience. You have an abundance of Compassion and empathy which my family has experienced over the last... read more

    Somnath Gupta Avatar Somnath Gupta

    Idee gave us incredible insight to our dog that we have struggled connecting with for the two years we have had her. Every session boosted our mutual understanding of each... read more

    Mae Vader Avatar Mae Vader
  • Thank you so much Indrani for that beautiful Reiki training. It is such an amazing experience to be guided by you on this Animal Reiki journey. This Animal Reiki... read more

    Alex Neil Avatar Alex Neil

    When I received news that my mother was dying, I had to scramble to find a cat sitter and leave the state. Indrani (Idee) was able---from halfway around the world---... read more

    Julie Webb Avatar Julie Webb

    “I recently had a distant Reiki session with Indrani that was such a gentle yet effective healing experience. I had the choice to receive via Zoom or without the Zoom.... read more

    Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit Avatar Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

Intuitive Energy Healing for Animals in Mumbai Services

90-minute All-Inclusive

Your first session covering animal communication & energy healing
  • Animal Communication (upto 5 questions)
  • ARTEMIS Energy Work
  • Reporting & Follow-up Discussions

15-minute Follow-Ups

Best in sets of 3 for Rapid Recovery.
  • ARTEMIS Energy Work
  • (does not include Animal Communication)
  • Reporting calls are done after a set of 3 sessions.

And You Can Achieve All This From the Comfort of Your Home Without Needing to Travel!
All intuitive energy healing for animals are over Zoom, and you do not need to subject your cat or dog to yet another trip.

How to Get Started?

At Way of Artemis in Mumbai, I offer intuitive energy healing sessions for animals that are sacred and deeply connected. To ensure the success of these sessions for your beloved animal companions, it is important for us to resonate and have a connection. That is why we start the healing process with a 15-minute discovery chat. During this call, we will get to know each other and determine if we are a good match. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about my experience and healing methods. With over 14 years of experience in helping animals and people find peace and relief in various stages of life, I am confident that I can assist you and your beloved animals in achieving your goals. It all begins with a quick discovery call!

Way of Artemis - Classes and Workshops

If you are in Mumbai and interested in learning intuitive energy healing for animals, there are a variety of courses available to suit your needs. These courses offer both on-demand and in-person options, allowing you to learn at your own pace or in a more interactive setting. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, these courses will provide you with the training and knowledge to become a professional in animal communication and energy healing.

On-Demand 1:1 Animal Healing Courses

In-Person Animal Healing Courses

Coming in September – Weekend Workshops on Animal Communication and Energy healing.

You do not have to go through your struggles with your animal companion alone.

Start simple. Start with a 15-minute free discovery call.

With the seniors at the CUPA'S Geriatric center
With the seniors at CUPA's Geriatric Center