Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions Crafted for Your Animal Companions and You!

If your animal companion is struggling with a physical or emotional challenge, a personalized intuitive energy healing session will take the load off your shoulders.

Intuitive energy healing session for animals can help with:
– faster recovery from injuries, surgeries and illnesses,
relief from emotional distress,
such as grief or separation anxiety,
adjust to a new home or changes in the family,
ease end-of-life transitions.
And more…

What happens in Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions for Animals?

Intuitive energy healing  for animals, is a holistic wellness solution that can address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual malaise. In intuitive energy healing sessions at Way of Artemis, I work intuitively with the subtle energy present in all sentient beings, including our beloved animal companions. They, too, have Qi, prana, and life-force energy like humans. They, too, have chakras and meridians, just like humans. And animals being innately sensitive to the subtle energy field, respond quickly and often far more effectively. Intuitive energy healing sessions are  gentle, non-invasive, comes with no side-effects and can be done without hauling your cat or dog for yet another trip.

The ARTEMIS Approach to Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions for Animals

An Artemis energy healing session for animals consists of an intuitive blend of multiple energy healing modalities customized based on your animal companion’s needs. Just as each human is unique, your animal companions are special too. This is why everyone gets a personalized session with Artemis energy healing sessions for animals.

And these are a selection from the techniques used:

You get to know what your animal companions are telling you. Animal Communication comes handy when you are trying to figure out why your dog keeps barking at the door or why your cat has suddenly stopped eating.

Animals love this earth-bound healing practice. In Shamanic healing, I work with the animals in partnership with my Spirit Guides and Nature allies. Shamanic healing can reach beyond space and time and has been very effective in releasing old trauma or emotions that are often hidden beneath layers of survival mechanisms.

Scalar Wave harnesses the healing power of high vibrational frequencies meeting to create a standing wave. With the help of Scalar Wave, I have seen cats and dogs recover from life–threatening conditions like parvovirus in less than a week.

EFT Tapping frees up the emotional blocks and can help your cats or dogs find relief when they are struggling with grief, fear, anxiety and can also help your animal companions during stressful moments such as during fireworks, or before that dreaded trip to the vet.

This simple yet profound technique works for the highest healing good across physical, emotional, and spiritual layers. I use Animal Reiki when an animal is in an extreme state of agitation, has lost trust in humans, or is dealing with trauma.

Your Beloved Animal Companion Benefits from Artemis Energy Healing Sessions

Accelerated Recovery:

Intuitive energy healing sessions  for animals can help your beloved companion recover faster from injuries, accidents, and surgeries.

Support for Chronic Illnesses:

Certain illnesses last years, need ongoing medical treatments, and can limit mobility and play. Intuitive energy healing provides support for chronic conditions such as a tendency towards incontinence or respiratory issues by countering the side-effects of medications, strengthening the immune systems, and providing relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety.

Behavioral Insights:

Undesired behavior, such as not using the litter box or barking at family members, can manifest due to physical illness, emotional distress, and sometimes a lack of training in dogs. Animal communication can help identify the cause and, in the event of physical or emotional distress, help with intuitive energy healing for animals sessions.

Comfort from Emotional Distress:

Our cats and dogs also feel grief, anxiety, fear and they too feel vulnerable at times. Intuitive energy healing for animals offer a space of comfort and a safe space for they can shift to more healthy emotional patterns that will help them thrive.

Releasing Old Trauma:

Like humans, your beloved animal companion may have been through a traumatic situation. As much as I hope such instances do not occur, rescues and animals in shelters sometimes come with unaddressed traumas. Intuitive energy healing for animals can bring about profound changes in just one or two sessions as the imprint of that past trauma is released from the system.

The Remote Sitter:

If you live with cats and dogs, you already know how hard it is to plan for travel and vacation where we cannot take them along with us. How, then, can you make them comfortable and know that the sitter or the boarding is providing all that they need? With weekly check-ins you will hear from your beloved companion about their take on the situation and their wants and needs and also get assurance that energy healing will hold space for them while you are out.

Whatever you are struggling with, there is a solution waiting for you.

About Me

Hi! I’m Indrani and am often called Idee – a telepathic interspecies communicator and  a practitioner of intuitive energy healing for animals. I was pulled into this world after the tragic loss of my cat Artemis in 2010, and in whose memory my services are named.

My qualifications? I am a graduate of CWALU’s 18-months Animal Mastery program, where I trained in Animal Communication, EFT Tapping, Scalar Wave Healing, and more working with over 200 animals. I also trained and certified with Rose De Dan in Advanced Reiki Shamanic, and with Kathleen Prasad in the Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki and a teacher-member at Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

I am currently pursuing my teacher-training with CWALU and conduct online and in-person workshops on animal communication and intuitive energy healing techniques for animals.

Happy Animals; Happy Humans

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You will love the ARTEMIS Energy Healing Experience


Artemis energy healing is non-invasive. Energy healing works for the highest healing good, and both your animal companions and you will experience the profound nature of gentle healing from the comfort of your home. Most animals show signs of deeper relaxation or a renewed sense of vitality. And if you do not see a benefit after the first session, you do not pay.


I am committed to respecting your animal companions’ preferences and choices in a session. I follow the Code of Ethics defined in the Let Animals Lead© of Animal Reiki as well as Penelope Smith’s “Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators

Personalized Care:

We are all individuals. Our animal companions are also individuals, each with their unique personality. And you will get to know your animal companions’ personalities in the first session. Your two cats are two different beings. They deserve healing animal care designed to suit their different preferences and asks. Each session is personalized and guided by what your animal companion needs.

A Safe Space for You:

This is also about you. As the primary caregiver, you spend your time and energy ensuring that your animal companion gets more than the best. You deserve someone you can connect with and hold space for you, just as you hold space for your beloved animal companion. I believe in building relations and building bonds. Here you will find healing animal care and a safe space where you will feel held and listened to.

How to Get Started

It’s simple!

#1: All my services at Way of Artemis start with a 15-minute complimentary discovery call. You get to know me, ask questions, and decide if this is meant for you. The stronger you and I can resonate, the more the chances of a successful session .

#2: Once you decide to sign-up, the process is straightforward.
The second step is a 90-minute all-inclusive session that covers Animal Communication, Intuitive Scan, and Energy Work. This is the most intense session.

#3: Sometimes your animal companion may need follow-up sessions. In this, you can choose from 45 to 15 minutes based on the situation.

FAQ on Intuitive Energy Healing for Animals

The beauty of Artemis animal healing solution is that it is gentle, non-invasive and has no side-effect. Sessions are done with the permission of the animal. The role of a healer is not to interfere into the natural healing process but to hold space and help awaken the bodies innate healing abilities.

Animal healing solutions are effective for all physical and emotional challenges that your animal companions may be going through. Commonly encountered scenarios include:

  • Accelerated recovery from surgeries and treatments for accidental injuries and infections.
  • Coping with grief e.g. loss of another animal or human
  •  Support for the senior years and chronic illnesses
  • Understanding and if needed resolving behaviour patterns such as barking at the door, jumping on strangers.

Energy healing happens across all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In most cases, you will notice some difference after a session. Energy healing cannot however bring someone back to life or alter an end-of-life situations. In such situations you will  notice signs of your friend being comforted and prepared for crossing over rainbow bridge.

For the first session, I recommend letting them be as undisturbed as possible. If your animal companion is in hospital, then we will select a time when s/he is resting. We will cover this in more detail in your first free discovery call.

In the event of a medical emergency, make sure you have reached out to your medical veterinary doctor first. While energy healing can supplement medical treatments, it is not be used as a replacement.

The nature of this work is such that situations often come up outside of our plans and controls. And I am available on WhatsApp and emails for my clients and do my best to accommodate any emergency healing sessions at short notice.

My charges for sessions are based on the time I spend. Details are available under service description in this page.

You do not have to go through your struggles with your animal companion alone.

Start simple. Start with a 15-minute free discovery call.

With the seniors at the CUPA'S Geriatric center
With the seniors at CUPA's Geriatric Center

Are you intrigued by the idea of communicating with animals and healing them holistically?

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