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A Guide to Navigating Animal Reiki Courses

If you are interested in learning more about Animal Reiki courses and how they can benefit you and your furry friends, there are a variety of courses available to help you get started.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, there is a course out there that’s perfect for you and your animal companion. Discover the different options available and begin your journey as an Animal Reiki practitioner today.

From online classes to in-person workshops, this guide will help you navigate the different options and find the Animal Reiki course that is right for you.

The Need for Specialization in Animal Reiki

I started my Reiki journey with traditional Usui Reiki without specialized training in working with animals. And as enthusiastic as I was about practicing with my cats, they would sometimes walk away. I realized the need to adapt Reiki to match the specialized needs of our animal companions. My search took me to train and specialize in Animal Reiki.

The original Reiki teachings were directed at humans. Both practitioner and recipient had clear instructions on what was needed – e.g., the position of palms for the practitioner and instructions on lying or sitting quietly for the recipient. Now, this does not work well with all animals. And this is where Animal Reiki courses come in.

Animal Reiki is also Reiki!

Animal Reiki is also Reiki – practiced to suit the nature and sensitivities of our animal companions. With animals, Reiki is practiced as per the terms and conditions set by each animal and not as per conventions. Animal Reiki courses teach practitioners to have a deep appreciation and empathy for the animal kingdom and see animals as equals in the healing process.

How Can an Animal Reiki Course Help?

An Animal Reiki course is an amazing healing tool that can help not just your animal companions but you as well. As you start practicing Animal Reiki, you will notice that your beloved animal companions are much more at ease and relaxed, and you will also see an increase in vitality in them. By inducing a state of deep relaxation, Animal Reiki creates the conditions for natural healing at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

By starting with your Animal Reiki course, you will soon begin looking at Animal Reiki as a way of life instead of being limited to a session. And the healing starts with your own self. You will notice your energies and life choices shifting to those that inspire holistic wellness. And those in your life will benefit from this too.

These are some situations when an Animal Reiki course can be transformational.

(i) You work or volunteer at an animal shelter. An Animal Reiki course will equip you with the tools you need to comfort the ones you meet at the shelter. The courses will also enable you to cope with your compassion fatigue.
(ii) Your work involves being around animals – as a sitter, groomer, handler, trainer, or medical assistant. Your Animal Reiki course will teach you to add a powerful energy healing tool to augment your skills and help the animals you work with.
(iii) Your heart goes out when you encounter a stray animal, and you wish you could do something for them.
And, of course, for most of us, we also live with animal companions. We will go to any lengths to enable them to live to their fullest potential. In your Animal Reiki course, you will learn a simple, effective, yet profound practice that you can practice independently.

Types of Animal Reiki Courses and Which One to Choose

There are a variety of Animal Reiki courses available, each with its own unique focus and approach. Some courses may be geared towards beginners, while others may be more advanced and require previous experience with Reiki. Researching and choosing a course that aligns with your goals and interests as an Animal Reiki practitioner is essential.

Traditional Reiki Course

This is the most common type of Reiki course that you will come across. Some of them may cover the topic of animals. However, most of the practices and exercises will involve working with humans. If you are new on the path of Reiki or you find a Reiki teacher you feel connected with; you are likely to find the offered course to be a very transformational experience. And your animal companions will also benefit from the healing energies.

Specialized Animal Reiki Course

Animal Reiki courses teach Reiki in a way that caters primarily to the sensitivities of the animal kingdom. Such Animal Reiki courses offer certifications from Level 1 to Level 3, including teacher training. These courses are great when you want to establish your credentials as an Animal Reiki practitioner or a teacher. The Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki, developed by Kathleen Prasad and based on the traditional Japanese system of Reiki, is a powerful tool, especially when working with animals in shelters or the strays out on the streets.

Animal Reiki Course for Reiki Practitioners

You will also find courses that are meant for Reiki practitioners. These are not stand-alone certification courses but instead intend to cover the gap between a traditional Reiki certification and specialized Animal Reiki courses. These courses provide a feel of how Animal Reiki is and how the practices differ.

In - Person Vs. Online Animal Reiki Courses

There is a lot of debate and discussion about the merits of an online Animal Reiki course. In any form of energy work, including when studying Animal Reiki, geographical distance is just a mental barrier. Time after time, practitioners, clients, and animals have witnessed how energy healing is equally effective when practiced over a distance.

I have attended both in-person as well as online courses. As humans, we have a greater inclination for physical experiences, and in-person Animal Reiki courses will enable you to have an in-person experience where you can also meet other like-minded people. Online Animal Reiki courses are equally effective in helping you start practicing Animal Reiki. Online courses have the advantage of being done from the comfort of your home, where you can connect with teachers and practitioners across the globe and not be limited to your locality. These courses often span 6 to 8 weeks with weekly classes and homework assignments. I have found these to be more paced with a more significant period of support and practice.

How to Choose the Right Animal Reiki Course

When choosing an Animal Reiki course, consider your level of experience with Reiki and your specific goals for working with animals. Look for courses offering a comprehensive curriculum, including theoretical and practical components. Choosing a course that aligns with your values and beliefs about animal welfare is also essential. Finally, read reviews and testimonials from other students to get a sense of the course’s effectiveness and the instructor’s teaching style.

Steps to Becoming a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner

When choosing an Animal Reiki course, consider your level of experience with Reiki and your specific goals for working with animals. Look for courses offering a comprehensive curriculum, including theoretical and practical components. Choosing a course that aligns with your values and beliefs about animal welfare is also essential. Finally, read reviews and testimonials from other students to get a sense of the course’s effectiveness and the instructor’s teaching style.

#1: Experience Reiki

The best way to be introduced to Animal Reiki is to experience a session. Reiki is a heart-centric practice, and different people experience Reiki differently. Reach out to a practitioner and experience a Reiki session for yourself and also one for your animal companions. Start by dipping your toes. And then ask yourself, do I want to learn and practice this?

#2: Find Your Teacher

The next step is to find a teacher. The usual steps are to check credentials, years of experience, and testimonials. I also believe in finding a teacher with whom you feel a heartfelt connection. Your Animal Reiki teacher will be a spiritual guide and mentor as you navigate this journey. Most teachers will have free resources available. Check them out. Listen to their webcasts and attend the free events. And once you know in your heart that you want to do this, sign up for a life-changing Animal Reiki course.

#3: Practice. Practice. Practice

Your ability to play with the Reiki energies will strengthen as you practice. Make Reiki a part of your daily routine. Spend a few minutes offering Reiki to yourself, your cats and dogs, and the animals in your neighborhood. Spend time with Reiki. It is fun. You can also keep a journal and keep track of your Reiki stories.

#4: Join an Animal Reiki Community

And there is always support available for you on your path. Most teachers have online support communities, allowing you to stay in touch with other practitioners. Animal Reiki communities are supportive groups that will help you and encourage you to grow into your power as a healer. The Shelter Animal Reiki Association is a group to explore if you find yourself offering Reiki at shelters.

Becoming a certified animal reiki practitioner involves several steps, including completing a comprehensive training program, gaining hands-on experience, and obtaining certification from a recognized organization. Look for courses that offer in-depth instruction on animal reiki techniques and opportunities to practice with real animals. Once you have completed your training, seek out opportunities to work with animals in need and continue to develop your skills through ongoing education and mentorship. With dedication and hard work, you can become a skilled and compassionate animal reiki practitioner.