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The Significance of Hara in Animal Reiki Practices

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The hara translates as belly and is significant in several esoteric yogic practices. Different cultures have different interpretations and definitions of the key energy centers that exist in the physical body of every living organism – some use the chakra system, some teach about the meridians and channels and some refer to the dan-tiens.

The hara is a principal aspect of the Japanese meditation teachings and also the Animal Reiki meditations as taught in Kathleen Prasad’s Let Animals Lead© method.

Translated from the Japanese hara simply means belly, yet there is so much more to this intriguing word. At a deeper level the word, hara, means one’s true nature; who one truly is as a human being. So it is not just a physical centre in the body but also the centre of one’s true nature.

The Tree Without Roots

The word, hara, in Japan, is also deeply interlinked with the word, tanden (Chinese – dantien). In the system of dantiens, there is a reference to the 3 main dantiens found in 3 points within the body. Whereas, the hara condenses the primordial essence, to a single point, a few centimeters below the navel.

There are several spiritual schools, which place emphasis on the energy centers in the head – the third eye, or the crown. This focus on the top leads to a state of energetic imbalance and a loss of grounding – and grounding is of crucial importance when starting on the path of energy healing and especially when working with the animals.

Consider this: when you focus all your energy on your head without expanding it downwards to the lower part of your body, it’s like having an upside-down pyramid. You will topple over.

Just like a tree must build a strong root system to reach the heavens, we must lay a firm foundation for success. Without it, we’re like a tree that’s at the mercy of every gust of wind or change of weather, until one day we’re uprooted and toppled over.


Working With The Hara

While the hara or tanden is physically located a few inches below the navel and closer to the spine, it’s the spiritual and energetic significance of these terms that hold greater importance. It is not so much the physical space that matters, but the energetic or spiritual aspects represented by these words.

For those starting on this path, techniques and practices can assist in directing your mind to focus on the hara without distraction. As you become less distracted and your mind settles, these practices enhance your experience and understanding of the hara.

Healing For Others

We cannot heal others unless we heal ourselves.

Hara plays a crucial role when it comes to healing both ourselves and others. It serves as the foundation for effective healing, as any attempt to do so without it would be superficial. We cannot heal others, when we have lost connection with our true nature (hara). When we connect with someone to offer healing, we are connecting with their true essence (hara) and this creates the potential for profound healing.

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