Artemis and Indrani (Idee) - Our Story

Animal reiki teacher - Indrani

Hi!, I’m Idee

..a practitioner of the intuitive energy healing arts, an Animal Reiki Teacher, and a Shamanic Practitioner.

Welcome to my world of intuitive energy healing for animals. Thank you for sharing your precious time with me. I hope you find joy, comfort, and strength in these offerings.

Artemis & I - How It All Started

This is a story of 3 cats – Artemis, Amadeus and Duchess.

In 2010 my world fell apart with the loss of Artemis. Amadeus went into deep despair and had given up on life. No conventional medical treatments worked. The vet gave up any hope for his surviving. This was when I accidentally bumped into Reiki and my first Reiki teacher.

It took 30 minutes and a single Reiki session to have Amadeus bounce back to life. And I was forever hooked onto Reiki.

In her own way, Artemis in her spirit form had blessed us with the gift of this magical world of energy healing.

And this was just the first of the many miracles I witnessed with my cats and the power of energy healing.

The three cats

"Way of Artemis is our living legacy and gift to you. Our spirit lives on through this work in enabling other animals to experience the same joy that energy healing had brought into our lives."

And today....

Today, I am grateful to have made it to an Animal Reiki Teacher, Animal Communicator and Energy Worker using modalities including Scalar Wave and Shamanic practices.

I am certified in Shamanic Animal Reiki as well as the Let Animals Lead(c) method of Animal Reiki, a member of Shelter Animal Reiki Association and a volunteer at the DHN Network.

Till a year back, I was also pursuing a full-time career as a People Leader and if you are curious about my “other” profession, you can find me on LinkedIn. And now I have dedicated my profession to be of service to the animals, without whom I would not have made it this far.

Do you also feel that strange unnamed bond with the world of nature and animals?

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