Indrani Das (Idee) & Artemis

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

Hey there! I’m Indrani, an animal communicator and a practitioner of intuitive energy healing for animals.

My cats call me Idee, as do many who know me.

I help companion animals find comfort and relief from physical and emotional distress with soothing, non-invasive, and effective energy healing and animal communication.

Indrani Das, Artemis Animal Healing

I offer...

…an intuitive blend of energy healing modalities carefully crafted for your friend’s unique needs. The ARTEMIS energy work ranges from animal communication to EFT tapping, shamanic healing, scalar wave, animal reiki, and more.

My specializations include:

-aiding recovery from physical injuries and illnesses;

-helping heal emotional distress, such grief and anxiety; &

-freeing up past traumas.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."

Clients come from all corners of the world. My animal communication and energy healing sessions work no matter where you are. Plus, your furry friends get to enjoy all the benefits from the coziness of their home turf. After all, we all know what happens when we force them to travel against their will. Let’s save them the drama and tune in from afar!

I Believe....

Indrani Das Idee talks about beliefs at Way of Artemis

Our animal companions are more than just cute little critters; they’re living, breathing personalities with their own quirks and likes. They’re not toys or “pets.” They’re FAMILY, and we share a SOUL CONNECTION that transcends words. At the same time, they’re their own little bosses, too. They have their own path to walk and unique challenges to face, like dealing with other pesky cats or peskier injuries. It’s a two-way street, and we need to respect their AUTONOMY in this sacred journey of life.

The ability to talk to animals and bring healing is not a magical gift bestowed upon a chosen few. I am also dedicated to busting myths and shedding light on how PRACTICAL, SIMPLE, AND RELATABLE animal communication and energy healing is. If I can do this, you can too, if you want to.

The Professional Credentials

Indrani Das Idee certified animal communicator, energy healer and animal reiki teacher

I’m a graduate of CWALU‘s 18-month Animal Mastery program, where I trained in Animal Communication, EFT Tapping, Scalar Wave Healing, introductory acupressure, meridian touch, and more, working with over 200 animals. I also trained and certified with Rose De Dan in Advanced Reiki Shamanic, and with Kathleen Prasad in the Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki and am a teacher-member at Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

I am currently pursuing my teacher training with CWALU. I also conduct online and in-person workshops on animal communication and intuitive energy healing techniques for animals.

Indrani Das (Idee), Founder Way of Artemis

It wasn't always like this...

Once upon a time, I was a fresh-faced engineering graduate ready to tackle the world. Fast forward a few years, and I was neck-deep in the corporate game, completely absorbed in my role as a cyber security specialist and a people leader. 25 years of learning, growing, and leading followed as I worked with big names like IBM, Accenture, and Cisco. The world of service was my oyster and I was proud to strive for delivery excellence.

Story of Artemis and Indrani Das Idee

How a cat named Artemis brought me to energy healing...

And then came 2010 and the 4th of April happened. The ground beneath my feet was ripped apart with the sudden, unexpected loss of Artemis, a cat I have now come to know as a much beloved spiritual guide. It was through this gut-wrenching loss and the search for answers that I found my new faith and belief system. And it was this loss that led me to the world of animal communication.

And while Artemis was gone, her sibling and the other half, Amadeus, went into grief, where he stopped eating and drinking. When the veterinarian had given up hope of Amadeus making it, I was led to Reiki, and it took a single Reiki session to see the light come back in Amadeus’ eyes. I was hooked, and after this, there was no stopping.

And this was just the first of my energy-healing stories. Time and again, I witnessed how energy healing transformed our lives and the lives of the cats and dogs I have come to work with.

In her own way, Artemis, in her spirit form, had blessed us with the gift of this magical world of energy healing.

The three cats

"Way of Artemis is our living legacy and gift to you. Our spirit lives on through this work in enabling other animals to experience the joy that energy healing had brought into our lives."

Indrani Das Idee on her Way of Artemis

And today....

I go where the winds take me. And they have taken me from  Sydney, to Manchester (NH), to Zurich, to Luxembourg, Sao Paulo and back to Mumbai. Now I find myself in the Himalayan town of Dehradun in India with my two cats. They teach animal communication and energy healing along with me. And if you ever attend one of my courses or workshops or the classes at CWALU, you will get to meet my new “A-team,” as they have been called.

And when I am not working with animals, I disappear into the mountains, which are so dear to me. I also have a thing for monasteries and am a student of the ancient school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Do you also feel that strange unnamed bond with the world of nature and animals?

Come hang out with me on Instagram for water cooler chats, and stay tuned for upcoming courses, workshops, and giveaways.