The Bonds That Heal Workshops:
Animal Communication and Energy Healing

Free Online Workshops
10 AM Saturdays
September 2023

Are you intrigued by the idea of communicating with animals and healing them holistically?

If so, I have an exciting opportunity for you! Introducing the free online “Bonds That Heal” workshops on the art of animal communication and energy healing. These workshops will explore the fundamental principles of animal communication, including telepathy and intuition.

You’ll discover how it is possible to tune into our beloved animal companions, understand their needs, and establish a profound bond. Moreover, you’ll discover the transformative power of energy healing and how it can be used to alleviate physical and emotional ailments in animals.

Animal Communication and Energy Healing Workshop

Over the course of 4 weekends, we will delve into the world of telepathic animal communication and energy healing for animals.

Each workshop is a separate module; you can attend all or some of them.

All workshops are online, and you can attend them from the comfort of your home without needing to brave the rains.

Sign up today for this unique opportunity to unlock the incredible potential within yourself and connect with animals in a way you never thought possible.

And You Get to Help Build a Home for A Dog

Bonds that Heal is being organized in partnership with Sharnagat Animal Home. Sharnagat is home to over 100 dogs, birds, cows, and more and is trying to raise funds to build additional kennels for the dogs. This workshop brings together something for everyone – you get to have fun experiencing telepathic animal communication and energy healing, and the dogs get new kennels!

After attending the workshops, you can donate any amount of your choice to Sharnagat. Donation details will be shared during the class and is also available on Sharnagat’s website

Animal Communication, Energy Healing and a BONUS Module

Module 1 - Animal Communication

Sat, 2nd September 10 AM IST (find your local time)

• how telepathic animal communication works;
• how to send and receive messages;
• how to develop your skills as an animal communicator; &
• the animal communicator code of ethics;
• & practical exercises

Module 2 - Energy Healing for Animals

Sat, 9th September 10 AM IST (find your local time)

  • What exactly is energy healing and how does it work for animals?
  • holistic wellness tools you can use in daily life;
  • your second response in an emergency (the first response is to contact a medical practitioner);
  • a holistic wellness checklist to help you assess what your animal companions need; &
  • hands-on practices.

Module 3 - Animal Reiki Meditation

Sat, 16th September 10 AM IST (find your local time)

  • The use of Reiki as a healing tool for all walks of life;
  • what is Animal Reiki and is it any different from other Reiki traditions;
  • our relationship with the world of animals and how this affects our ability to heal;
  • how Animal Reiki makes a difference when working with the ones in the streets; &
  • an Animal Reiki meditation for daily use

Bonus Module - Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide

Sat, 23rd September 10 AM IST (find your local time)

  • The foundational principles of Shamanic healing;
  • introduction to Shamanic journeying;
  • who are Animal Spirit Guides and how do they support us;
  • a Journey to meet your Animal Spirit Guide; &
  • incorporating the Wisdom of Animal Spirit Guides in daily living.

Meet Indrani

Indrani Das or Idee as she is often called, is a telepathic interspecies communicator and energy healing practitioner. She was drawn into this world, after the sudden loss of her cat, Artemis in 2010.

Idee is a graduate of CWALU’s 18-months Animal Mastery program, where she trained in Animal Communication, EFT Tapping, Scalar Wave Healing, and more. She also trained with Kathleen Prasad in the Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki and is a teacher-member at Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

She is currently pursuing her teacher-training with CWALU and conducts pro-bono workshops on animal communication and the healing arts.


Don’t just take our word for it, hear from those who have experienced animal communication and energy healing firsthand.

Join the Community

We are also launching a NEW Bonds That Heal Facebook community. Reminders, updates, and handouts will be posted here during the workshops. And the space will be open for Q&A and discussions even after the workshop. Follow this link to join the Bonds That Heal Facebook community.

And there is more! The first 5 members will be eligible for a 30-minute FREE Animal Communication session with me.

Welcome the grace of animal communication and energy healing

Through the free online “Bonds That Heal” workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of animal communication, explore energy healing techniques, and discover the incredible potential within yourself.

Whether you’re an animal lover, or aspiring animal communicator, this workshop is an invaluable resource for expanding your understanding of animals and unlocking your innate ability to heal.

Don’t wait any longer. Register now for the free online workshop and embark on a journey of animal communication and energy healing.

Your beloved animal companions are waiting to communicate with you.