Easy to Follow Practices to Calm Your Cats and Dogs During Fireworks

Are your dogs or cats frightened by fireworks and the sound of crackers? Do they experience stress and anxiety during fireworks displays? Fortunately, you can use this 2-Y Approach to calm your cats and dogs during fireworks. While this article is specifically for fireworks season, the techniques discussed can be applied to other stressful situations, such as when there are house guests or family functions.

So how can you calm your cats and dogs during fireworks?

Transform their fears and anxieties into a sense of safety and comfort with these 2 factors.

I consider myself fortunate to have achieved a peaceful household during fireworks, despite the presence of my super-sensitive cat who expresses clear discomfort towards loud noises.

And these are my go-to strategies to help keep cats and dogs calm during fireworks.

#1: The First "Y" - YOU

First and foremost, this is about You. How do you react to loud noises? Or to family gatherings? Do you get overwhelmed and stressed? Or maybe you get excited at the idea of a celebration with friends and family? Or do you fret around your dog when the crackers go off? In both cases, you have lost your grounding and your energy is likely off-balance.

Your animal companions are tuned into your energy field.

And your spiky energy field is a trigger for distress in them. And being overly petted tells them, “Something is off, that is why she is trying to comfort me. This is definitely not normal.” it adds fuel to the fire. And you can change this. You can calm your cats and dogs during fireworks.

Being grounded and centered.

It’s important to remain grounded and balanced, especially during noisy events or family gatherings. Here are some tips to help you stay centered during fireworks and thereby have a calming influence on your cats and dogs.

Focus on yourself: Take a few deep breaths, feel your feet on the ground, and find your center. Create a space of calmness within you. Remind yourself that you’ve got this.

Guided practice: Use this simple guided practice to help you stay calm and centered during stressful situations. Try practicing a few days before the event to help both you and your pet get familiar with the technique.

Reiki: If you’re a Reiki practitioner, consider offering Reiki to yourself first.
By following these tips, you can help your animal companion feel safe and secure during stressful situations.

#2: Your Environment - A safe space can calm cats and dogs during fireworks.

Create a safe bunker space inside your house to calm your cats and dogs during fireworks. A place where the noise can be tuned down (e.g. closed doors and windows), lights can be dimmed and smells are familiar (e.g. favorite catnip toys or old blankets). 

If you are familiar with energy clearing techniques you can clear the energy from this safe space. You can also visualize a golden bubble of safety around you and also around your animal companion.

The space needs to be familiar, comforting and easy to access. 

I have a tent made of blankets and the cats know that if they need to be on their own they will be safe their and no one will come and bother them.

You can also use the following to setup your environment:

  • Smudging to clear heavy energies.
  • Soft lights, candles, soft music to create a soothing environment.
  • Visualizing a golden bubble of safety and protection around you and your beloved animal companions.
  • Hemp oil and Bach flower Rescue Remedy can work wonders with stress and anxiety.

I recommend creating the space a few days before the event. This will allow your animal companions sufficient time to get habituated and develop a sense of comforting association.

Adding Energy Healing to Calm Cats and Dogs During Fireworks

And if you need to notch up the level of calmness, consider some gentle energy healing techniques such as Animal Reiki, Scalar Waves or EFT tapping as well.

Animal Reiki: The Animal Reiki meditations taught by Kathleen Prasad in her Let Animals Lead(c) method of Animal Reiki is a gentle non-invasive way to offer support to cats and dogs during fireworks. And you can also include your community cats and dogs in this gentle healing space.

Scalar Wave: Scalar Wave healing involves harnessing the power of high-frequency vibrations to create a standing wave and in that space of stillness, the body’s parasympathetic nervous system is activated creating a space of profound healing emotionally as well as physically. In my Scalar wave sessions, I often see cats and dogs going into a deep state of relaxation even during stressful moments such as a trip to the vet or when left in boarding.

EFT Tapping: EFT Tapping will help release emotions such as fear and anxiety and I have witnessed even the most anxious and sensitive of cats taking to it like catnip. In Chinese Medicinal system, there is a set of meridians that run through our body. These meridians are associated with physical organs and also our emotions. There are some key points that connect with the meridians and by tapping on these points while focusing on specific emotions, we can free up blocked emotions, and help shift emotions and this can also lead to physical well-being.

In Conclusion: You can do this. You can calm your cats and dogs during fireworks.

Wishing you and your animal companion, a very safe and peaceful firework season. The mantra is “All is safe. All is well”. And you are on your way to calm your cats and dogs during fireworks.

And if it feels too overwhelming, you can also reach out for personalized support.


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I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you want me to help you with your animal companion, just book a discovery call.