The Language of Love: Communicate with Animals at the Rainbow Bridge

Each time I said that final goodbye to one of the cats, my heart broke into a million pieces that could never be put back together. And if you have lost a beloved animal companion, you may have felt this too. And amid that unbearable sense of loss and grief, when nothing makes sense, Rainbow Bridge shines as a beacon of solace, hope, and the knowing that we can communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge. When we communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge and hear their messages of unconditional love and hope, our lives become fuller and richer knowing that they continue to walk by our side and be in our lives.

Where is Rainbow Bridge?

The Rainbow Bridge is a lore of unconfirmed origin that brings comfort to many who have lost their beloved animal companions. Rainbow Bridge is an overpass connecting this realm with the heavenly kingdom in folklore. Verses on Rainbow Bridge describe this as a place where our beloved animal companions wait for us – free of all physical pain. These verses go on to tell how they wait for us to be reunited, and then we walk together hand-in-paw up to the pearly gates.

How Do Our Animal Companions Communicate With Us from Rainbow Bridge?

Our treasured bond with our beloved animal companions continues beyond the limitations of a life bound by a physical form. And often, when we are trying to make sense of their loss, our animal companions reach out to us from Rainbow Bridge, letting us know they are still there for us. By following our hearts, we can become aware of the signs and messages they send us. These signs can come in various forms, such as dreams, visions, or physical sensations. By paying attention to unusual occurrences and coincidences and by trusting our intuition, we communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge. We develop a renewed sense of connection that is forever ours to cherish.

If at any point on this journey, you feel overwhelmed by grief, it is then essential to work with a professional grief counselor. In addition you can also seek energy healing support for yourself to honor the transition of your beloved animal companion.

And if there is another companion animal who is grieving along with you, then remember that they too need healing and help.

They Talk to Us in Our Dreams

Dreams are the bridge between this reality and the spirit world. Our animal companions at Rainbow Bridge often communicate through our dreams. When we enter the dream state of sleep, we are more open to getting dream messages from the spiritual forces on the other side, including our beloved animal companions. Such visits in our dreams from our Rainbow Bridge companions our often very vivid and colorful and leave us feeling strangely soothed.

They Appear in Our Senses

Our animal companions at Rainbow Bridge can communicate through our common sensory perceptions. In our moments of grief, we may suddenly see something around the corner of our eye – a shadow, a movement. Or we may smell something that reminds us of them.

One of my cats had a foul-smelling open wound when he was transitioning. And for days, I would smell that wound around the house, even after he had transitioned. Some can also hear something out of the ordinary or feel the paws on them. We tend to dismiss these as our imagination playing tricks on us. Often, it is indeed our animal companions trying to reach out to us.

And then there are the signs!

Signs from Animal Companions at Rainbow Bridge

When my friend was grieving the loss of her dog, she would see these little heart-shaped leaves on her walks. These leaves were not part of her local flora, and the repeat encounters could only be explained by the fact that her dog was reaching out to her – which we later confirmed through a communication session. Another client kept coming across white feathers everywhere after she had to say goodbye to her cat. These feathers were also not common phenomena, and later in a session, her cat confirmed that it was indeed her reminding my client that she was never far away.

Other encounters of signs of communication from animals at Rainbow Bridge are:

  • Shapes in clouds that remind us of them. This could be as simple as a heart sign too.
  • The appearance of a rainbow just after their passing. In some cultures, the formation of a rainbow signifies the transition of a spiritually awakened teacher.
  • Visitation from other animals and insects like butterflies, dragonflies, or ladybugs. These are our Spirit Animal Guides, and each has their own symbolic significance. If we research them or ask them, we can find out that we can communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge.
  • Repeat number sequences showing up all around. Angel numbers are recurring series of numbers. (e.g., 111, 222, and so on) that show up in unexpected places and often try to convey a message. Our animal companions at Rainbow Bridge can also communicate with us through these numbers.

Now, if only we could talk back to them. And we can!

And How Can We Communicate With Animals at Rainbow Bridge?

Each of us has an innate ability to communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge. It does not need a superpower. Believe in yourself, and you can do it too. In this section, I have outlined two straightforward, non-invasive, and compassionate practices you can follow to communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge.

I often lead grieving clients through a guided practice so that they, too, can connect with their beloved companions. This experience of knowing that they, too, can communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge is transformational. It can be a powerful tool in one’s spiritual journey.

Meditate to Communicate with Animals at Rainbow Bridge

And here is an example of how you can communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge using a meditative practice.

  1. First, create a sacred space. I recommend creating an altar as a tribute to your beloved companion. Place a photograph and your animal companion’s favorite items. And if you feel like you can decorate this sacred space with favorite toys, catnip, and blankets. This sacred space can be out in nature or even indoors. Go with where your heart takes you. Keep it simple, and if you feel drawn, you can add natural flowers and plants. Candles are a great addition and can facilitate the process.
  2. Secondly, find a time when there will be no interruptions or distractions. Leave behind your smartphones and gadgets just for a while and ask other household members not to interrupt during this time. You can play any soft instrumental music. I recommend nature sounds, such as sounds of the ocean or the forest or your cat’s favorite music.
  3. Now you are all set. Sit quietly and tune into your breath. With each breath, feel yourself relax more and more. Imagine yourself in your happy place – preferably somewhere in nature – may be a place you have visited or have dreamt about. Soak in the beauty of this place. And now invite your animal companion to be with you. Visualize them and hold that image in your heart.
  4. Spend as much time as you need in this place with your animal companion. You can also have a mental conversation with them. You will be able to feel that connection.
    When you feel you have reached a state of completion, at least for now, then with gratitude in your heart, you thank them, release them from this space, and come out of your meditation.

Write to Your Beloved Animal Companions

Another non-invasive and compassionate way to communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge is to write love letters to them. Write letters whenever you feel you have much to say or want answers. You can place the letters on the altar and light a candle. Imagine the light from the candle carrying your messages over to your loved one. Even though this sounds simple, letters to your animal companions at Rainbow Bridge have the power to shift your emotions and perspective of the situation. As you keep writing, you will see your animal companions in a new light. Your memories will be filled with all the happy times you spent together.

After I lost Amadeus, I would write to him, and in one of them, I made a list of 108 things I will never forget about my boy. These were the happy moments – his reaction to his first pigeon and how he reacted the first time it rained. We want our lives to be filled with these happy moments.

The grief over losing an animal companion never leaves us entirely and will keep coming back in waves. And the beauty of these practices is that they are a non-invasive way to communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge. If you do not feel anything, then that is also ok.

In some spiritual paths and cultures, it is preferred to leave the ones on the other side free to move on without intruding into their process. I have found these extraordinarily powerful lessons in learning to respect our animal companions’ sovereignty and choices. It is possible that you may be invited to do the same.

Know that you can communicate with animals at Rainbow Bridge. Remember to be gentle with yourself and trust in the process. Trust that your beloved animal companions are listening and that they want to communicate with you as well. Sometimes, the messages may not come in the way you expect or in a clear, verbal form. They may come through subtle signs, feelings, or images. Do trust your intuition and be open to receiving messages in different ways. By practicing self-love, cultivating a sense of gratitude, and trusting the process, you can deepen your understanding of their language of love and strengthen your bond with them.



Idee is one of those weird ones your cats and dogs will immediately take to. As a practitioner of the intuitive energy healing arts, she specializes in helping animals with energy healing. Idee is a CWALU graduate and a teacher member at SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) and currently lives in the Himalayan town of Dehradun with her cats.