Communicating with animals

Way back when I started practicing Animal Reiki, I would often be asked to do Animal Communication. And I know of fellow Animal Communicators who are approached with requests for Reiki. I have met people who were blissfully unaware that Reiki and Animal Communication are two different asks. One can be an Animal Reiki practitioner without being an Animal Communicator and vice-versa.

While the difference may be obvious to many, the difference between Reiki and Animal Communication is still worth exploring.

And the Virgo in me would only be satiated once she had thoroughly analyzed the topic. How do other experts explain the difference between Reiki and Animal Communication? As I delved deeper into the theoretical aspects of this question, I realized that there were a lot of articles out there, some of which were contradictory.

And this is what I love about my work. It does not matter if different people have different views on the same subject. Ours is a relatively small community where we need to treasure each other and accept philosophical differences. And it does not matter because both Reiki and Animal Communication are heart-centric ways of connecting with another being. They are to be experienced and practiced instead of analyzed.

This article is written based on my personal experience with both – Animal Reiki and Animal Communication. The intent is to help with a fundamental outline that animal lovers, practitioners, and students can use as a reference point.

How Does Reiki Work? Exploring the Ancient Japanese Practice

Reiki, or “spiritual energy,” is an ancient healing system. The Usui lineage of Reiki was brought to human awareness by Buddhist practitioner Mikao Usui. During an Animal Reiki session, practitioners will tap into the universal life force energy and make that available. Healing happens across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. It brings about a state of deep relaxation that allows the system to heal—once dismissed as mystical nonsense. Reiki is now finding wide acceptance, even in veterinary clinics and shelters.

I use Reiki when an animal is in an extreme state of agitation or has lost trust in humans, or is dealing with trauma. The Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki, founded by Kathleen Prasad, recognizes all animals in their perfect primordial nature. It allows the animal to choose how the session will flow and how s/he will allow the healing to occur.

How Does Animal Communication Work? An Overview of This Unique Technique

Animal Communication, also known as inter-species telepathic communication, is the transfer of information between species using images, feelings, sounds, or knowledge. We can communicate with animals by connecting with them using our intention and thoughts. A communicator will get into a quiet undistracted state of mind and connect with an animal telepathically. Animal Communication can help you understand your animal companion better and deepen your bond with your companion.

Understanding the Distinction Between Reiki and Animal Communication

Understanding the distinction between Reiki and Animal Communication can be vital when you need help for your animal companion. It will help you determine what kind of help and what kind of practitioner you need to reach out to. While there are several who practice both Reiki and Animal Communication, only some do this, and only some human care providers know what they are looking for.

Cleo, an adorable tabby, had stopped eating. The veterinary doctor ran the required scans and declared there was nothing wrong with Cleo. Almost five days passed, and Cleo still refused to eat. She had lost weight and was tethering on the edge. Her human mom felt she was at the end of her life’s journey.

When I started, I connected with Cleo and asked her what was going on. She showed me an image of her lower belly. Her lower abdomen felt under a lot of strain. She showed me an image of her food bowl and told me how the sight of food made her nauseous. I relayed this back to her human – mom. She decided to get another medical opinion. The doctor saw the reports this time and said her kidneys were abnormally enlarged and needed treatment. This was Animal Communication

Secondly, I also offered Animal Reiki to Cleo. She gladly accepted the offer of Reiki. The Reiki session brought immediate relief, and after the first session, she could eat a small amount. Animal Reiki augmented her medical treatment; within days, she could start eating and showed signs of life.

You can see that while Reiki and Animal Communication can be practiced in the same session, they are also very distinct.

There is another crucial distinction between Reiki and Animal Communication. In Animal Reiki, we practice seeing an animal in all their perfection through what Let Animals Lead © practitioners call Reiki-eyes. Our mantra is all-is-well. We do not focus on specific ailments or challenges. The more we focus on a challenge, the more we give energy to that challenge. Instead, we hold the session with a perfection-mind-set. Animals appreciate being recognized as innately perfect and whole. Nothing brings someone down more than a “let me fix you” attitude.

Practicing Reiki and Animal Communication

I will connect with the animal in an Animal Communication session with specific intentions and questions. I will also listen and note what the cat or dog is conveying. And then I will also have a dialogue with the human caregiver to discuss the information. Here is a simplified example of such a conversation:

Cleo’s mom> Can you ask my cat why she is not eating her food?

Me> Hello Cleo. My name is Idee. Your mom asked me to have a chat with you. How are you?

Cleo> <Shows me an image of relaxing on the sofa>

Me> Your mom is concerned that you are not eating. Can you tell me why you are not eating?

Cleo> That food stinks. That is not my food. She used to give me fresh food, which I love. And now this new food stinks. It is rotten. Please tell her to give me my regular fresh food.

Cleo’s mom> Well, I did buy a fresh batch of her favorite canned food. Let me check…oh no. It has a past expiry date.

Well, you get the gist of how this went.


On the other hand, an Animal Reiki session is a very different experience. I practice the Let Animals Lead © method of Animal Reiki founded by Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source. Reiki is simple yet profound and heals physical, emotional, and spiritual layers. These Animal Reiki practices are based on the Japanese Reiki lineages. First, I will get into a very calm meditative state using the Animal Reiki meditations. And then, I will invite Cleo to join the space with me. Cleo gets to decide if she wants to join, and if yes, to what extent. I will sit and hold space for as long as is needed while the healing happens on its own.

Reiki and Animal Communication – Common Considerations

And while we talk about differences, there are two fundamental similarities between both Reiki and Animal Communication:

(i)            Grounding – Both Reiki and Animal Communication need the practitioner to be firmly grounded, centered, and balanced. Both will involve some amount of meditation to get to this state though the meditations can be different. If I am not grounded in Animal Communication, the messages I receive may not be of any practical use. Suppose I lose my grounding in Animal Reiki. In that case, even though I may see fancy lights and colors, it will not be beneficial, and animals will not be willing participants either.

(ii)           Distance – In both Reiki and Animal Communication, there is no need for in-person presence. Animal Communication is telepathic and is not bound by geographical barriers. Animal Reiki works with the subtle energies which transcend our cognitive limitations of space and time. Those with animal companions love this because it saves them yet another trip. And being in their natural surroundings helps animals be more relaxed and receptive.

The Benefits of Using Both Reiki & Animal Communication

So, you have realized by now that while I use both Reiki and Animal Communication in the same session, they are distinct. I may start with Animal Communication and then move on to Reiki. Or I may begin with Reiki and then move on to Animal Communication, depending on what an animal needs.

So why use both? What are the benefits of using both Reiki and Animal Communication?

In Animal Communication, I talk to the animal and then with the human caregiver and go back and forth as needed. In Animal Reiki, I share space directly with the animal. In a session where I will include both, the human also becomes a part of the sacred healing circle. In some sessions, I will also guide the human through simple meditation so that they can also be a part of the healing process.

The primary benefit of using both Reiki and Animal Communication is that you get the best of both worlds.


As a caregiver to an animal –

(i)            You get specific information on an ongoing situation through Animal Communication. And your animal companion also receives the benefit of a healing Reiki session.

(ii)           Your bond multiplies a million times over with your cat/dog now, knowing that they are not just being heard but also taken care of.


As a practitioner –

(i)            Animal Reiki helps me get into a deep meditative state which enhances my awareness and ability to connect with animals. I find it easier to let go of beliefs, judgments, and pre-conceived notions, which are an obstacle to authentic Animal Communication.

(ii)           While Animal Reiki helps me build a trusting relationship with an animal, the human participates passively and sees the results, and might even doubt if it really happened. In situations like this, Animal Communication and conveying practical verifiable information is that seal of trust that convinces the human that it is indeed her dog I am connecting with. Often after the first round of Animal Communication, I hear clients say that they are convinced that I am connecting with their dog or cat and not making something up.

How to Choose Which Method is Right For Your Animal Companion or Yourself?

The short answer on how to choose between Reiki and Animal Communication is that it depends on what you are seeking. If you are looking for answers or need to tell your dog you will be away on travels, then you need Animal Communication. On the other hand, suppose you are looking for comfort or relief from a physical or an emotional challenge. In that case, you need an Animal Reiki session.

This is a checklist of common scenarios and what can work best based on my experience so far. There is no hard-coded rule. As the primary caregiver, you will know. Remember, a seemingly simple Animal Communication session can also heal certain situations.


I recommend my clients an Animal Communication session when:

  • You want to know what is wrong with your animal companion
  • It is time to say farewell, and you want to convey your feelings and hear from your beloved companion.


An Animal Reiki session brings excellent results when:

  • Your animal companion needs help in recovering from a physical illness
  • Your animal companion is seeking comfort amid chaos, such as fireworks or a trip to the vet.
  • You volunteer or work at a shelter and want to comfort all animals in your care.
  • Long-term support for chronic conditions or for senior animals. In this case, an occasional check-in using Animal Communication is also recommended.


And both Reiki and Animal Communication work when:

  • You are traveling and want to check in on how your cat or dog is doing without you and also make them comfortable in coping with your absence.
  • You see behavioral challenges such as your cat not using the litter box or lack of harmony in a multi-cat and dog household.
  • Your animal companion seems to be struggling with emotional distress such as grief or anxiety.

Why Reiki & Animal Communication Can Lead to Unforgettable Experiences for Animals

Now, look at this through the eyes of your animal companions. They are now able to voice their opinions and ideas. In fact, they have been doing it all along. And finally, they know that you are listening. They can also hear from you – You can tell them when you travel and assure them that you will be back. Most often, that simple Animal Communication is a transformative experience – you start seeing your animal companion for who they truly are – their unique personalities and nuances and as divine beings with whom we share our planet.

And then, they find support in their healing process with Animal Reiki. And all of this happens in the comfort of familiar surroundings. And you have a happy cat who can voice her opinion and also receive the healing energies of Reiki just the way she wants it.

Conclusion: Harness the Power of Both Reiki & Animal Communication to Strengthen Your Bond With Your Animal Companion

Reiki, along with Animal Communication, is a power-packed combination. It is an experience that both animals and humans find joy in.

I offer sessions where I start with Animal Communication or Animal Reiki and then move on to more specific energy work. The sessions are distant, and you can do this from the comfort of your home. First, you get to hear from your furry friend, and then you see them visibly relax as they soak in the healing energies.

Reach out if you would like to find out more and discover the joy Reiki and Animal Communication can bring into your lives.