The Magic of Distant Animal Reiki for Our Animal Companions

Let your beloved animal companions experience the power of a distant animal reiki session from the comfort of their homes. Animal Reiki will help them relax and can lead to a profound healing experience.

And the beauty of a distant animal reiki session is that they will not need to travel. When your cat or dog is suffering, travel adds to the stress and often impedes recovery. A distant animal reiki session may be the perfect answer you are looking for.

What is Animal Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing system. Rei means mystical or spiritual, and Ki is life-force energy, also known as prana or Chi, that runs through all beings.

Reiki harnesses the power of this mystical life-force energy to bring the system into a state of balance and deep relaxation. Stress is washed away, and in that state of deep relaxation, there is potential for profound healing.

Animal Reiki is also Reiki. Reiki first started with humans and is therefore designed in a way that enhances the experience for a human. Animal Reiki prioritizes the needs of your animal companion. Animals are much more sensitive to the subtle energies. Many animals, like a skittish cat, will run away and not be receptive if approached directly the way a typical Reiki session for humans is done.

The Let Animals Lead © method of Animal Reiki, founded by Kathleen Prasad, allows each animal to receive the benefits of Reiki in whatever way they choose. Let Animals Lead © Animal Reiki practitioners do not send or force Reiki. Instead, we will be open to the Reiki energies using the power of meditation and hold space for the animal. Your cat or dog then gets to choose, and this is where the wisdom of the animal world is best used. Animals sense energies better and often know how, when, and where they need healing. As practitioners, we respect their choices.

Can The Ancient Art of Animal Reiki Weave Its Magic Over a Distance?

The beauty of Animal Reiki is that it can be done without the need for physical presence. We are all made up of energy, and we are interconnected. In this web of life, we can energetically connect with each other and share healing.

Animal Reiki can take place remotely over distances. An Animal Reiki practitioner can connect with your cats and dogs over a distance and share this gentle, non-invasive healing.

Most cats and dogs I work with show signs of receiving the healing energies. Humans report that they know the session is done when their cat wakes up and stretches or their dog gets up and demands food.

Why Choose Distant Animal Reiki?

Theo's Tryst With Animal Reiki

Theo was a feral who had just come out of surgery. He was used to living on his own, and his recovery environment, which involved being in a cage, was too much for him. He would not allow anyone near him. Halfway across the world, I energetically reached out to Theo and declared that I was available in whatever form he wished to receive the benefits of a distant Animal Reiki session. As I settled deeper and deeper into that state of silence when words were no longer needed, Theo started to relax. He realized he could trust this process. He was not in danger, and no one was doing anything to him.

Theo’s human rescuers reported that he had stopped pacing with that wild look in his eyes and had fallen asleep within minutes. After three days of daily distant Animal Reiki support, Theo was not only delighted to be back in the streets but had also started forming a bond with his rescuers.


Animals Prefer Being in their Natural Environment

As someone who has been adopted by a series of cats over time, I am aware that the act of getting a cat into a carrier and being taken outside of their familiar surroundings is not seen as benevolent by our feline companions. By doing so, you have forcibly imposed your will upon theirs. And if you have a cat already in distress, then the stress levels multiply manifold times.

And while Reiki can surely calm them, it seems pointless to subject a cat to stress so that they can be free of stress. There are times when it is necessary, like that much-dreaded trip, to meet the doctor. But there are times such as this when Animal Reiki will be equally if not more effective over distances. Why not allow your animal companion to be free in their natural surrounding so that they can have an enjoyable experience of distant Animal Reiki?

Respecting the Choices of Your Animal Companions

And this brings me to the second point. Animal Reiki and especially Let Animals Lead © is about recognizing and respecting the choices your animals make. As practitioners, we do not impose our methods and symbols, energies and techniques on another being. We open ourselves to Reiki and hold space for them.

I once had to explain to a woman that if it were an in-person session, her dog would be free to do whatever he pleased. He can walk, play, sit, sleep, or do anything else. You will see me sitting quietly in a meditative state. And when I do a distant animal Reiki session, it will be the same.

Your animal companion is free to carry on with their regular routine, and I will be present in silence with them. And when your cat or dog realizes their will is not being imposed upon, they automatically shift into a state of trusting relaxation.

What to Look for in a Distant Animal Reiki Practitioner

Above all other factors, finding a distant Animal Reiki practitioner who connects with the animals on their terms is essential.

With the spread of Reiki around the globe, multiple Reiki lineages have emerged, many of whom also practice Reiki for animals. While Reiki is still Reiki, how your animal companions are approached may vary.

For Animal Reiki practitioners, the animals come first, and here are a couple of qualities that distant Animal Reiki practitioners will have:

(i) Respect for your animal companion as an individual sovereign being: If you hear your distant Animal Reiki practitioner say, “I will send it some Reiki”, please find someone else.
(ii) Seeing animals in their natural state of perfection. Compassion is different from pity, and it is vital to find an authentic practitioner who can hold space without judgment, even when working in uncomfortable situations such as shelters, sanctuaries, or zoos. In Animal Reiki, a practitioner will recognize your animal companion for who they truly are.

I recommend distant Animal Reiki practitioners trained in the Let Animals Lead © Animal Reiki lineage. An Animal Reiki practitioner’s directory is also available if you need to find someone you can connect with.

How To Prepare for a Distant Animal Reiki Session?

In most Reiki sessions for humans, practitioners will ask you to sit or lie down and be still while practitioners will place their palms on various points.

What happens if you ask your cat to be still? Or our dog to stop barking and be quiet for the session? It just adds to their stress levels.

And this is why Animal Reiki and especially distant Animal Reiki Sessions are perfect for your animal companions. You do not need to prepare. Your cat, dog, or horse does not need to prepare. We let everyone be in their natural surroundings. The healing energies do not depend on your animal companions’ physical or mental state. Distant Animal Reiki works under all conditions.

Try looking at the world through the eyes of your animal companion and ask yourself whether you would like another trip to meet a new person or rather be at home and experience the same benefits. I have met clients who have insisted on in-person sessions. And they are looking at the world through their lens and not through the eyes of their animal friends.

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