EFT Tapping for Your Cats and Dogs To Bring Relief from Emotional Distress

Your cats and dogs are emotional beings, too. They can feel grief, anger, jealousy, and other heavy emotions just like humans. Fortunately, there is a powerful tool – EFT Tapping. EFT Tapping for your cats and dogs can help them release these heavy emotions and move to a more balanced and harmonious state.

In my EFT sessions, I have witnessed cats who were initially skittish and distrusting become more confident and bonded with their humans, cats who were grieving the loss of a companion become more at peace, and anxious dogs become calmer and more content. EFT tapping can be a wonderful way to help your furry friends find greater calm, contentment, and balance in their lives.

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Freedom from Grief, Anxiety, Trauma, and More With EFT Tapping for Cats And Dogs

Zoe's Story

Zoe, the cat, was grieving the loss of her littermate. She had a decreased appetite and was displaying symptoms of a respiratory infection.  Zoe and I tapped about her sadness, the significant loss she had experienced, how much she missed her brother, and how her new routine was causing difficulties for her. Her response to the tapping sessions was to curl up and sleep. After several rounds of tapping sessions, Zoe’s breathing returned to normal, and she became more active with a healthy appetite for her favorite foods.

Your Cats and Dogs Benefit from EFT Tapping

These are some common scenarios in which I have seen EFT tapping for cats and dogs result in a very positive transformation.
• Freedom from grief over the loss of a loved human or animal;
• Skittish cats learning to trust their humans;
• Healing from old traumas and a return back to their innate personalities;
• Newly adopted cat or dog settling into the household; &
• Calming cats and dogs with separation anxiety.

And You Benefit Along with Them

And EFT tapping is for “You” as well. You can also experience the following benefits:
• Comfort from grief;
• Lowered stress, fears, and anxieties;
• New understanding and bonding with your beloved animal companions; &
• And the strength to deal with a challenging situation.

What is EFT Tapping for Cats and Dogs, And How Does It Work?


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a method developed to promote mental health and wellness. It combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) systems. EFT Tapping is an effective technique for our beloved animal companions as well. It involves tapping on a series of points on the body, mostly around the face, hands, and near the collarbone. Even cats who won’t let you touch them can benefit from this therapy.

TCM and the Meridians:

In the Chinese Medicinal system, there is a set of meridians that run through our body, as well as the bodies of our cats and dogs. These meridians are associated with physical organs and also our emotions. Emotional stress blocks the flow of energy through the meridians and impedes physical, mental, and emotional wellness. By tapping on specific points that connect with these meridians, we can release blocked emotions and restore the flow of subtle energies. This leads to overall holistic relief and wellness.

Whatever you are struggling with, there is a solution waiting for you.

And You Can Achieve All This From the Comfort of Your Home Without Needing to Travel!

EFT Tapping for Cats and Dogs Works over Distances Too!

EFT Tapping can be useful for cats and dogs even if they are not physically present.

The meridians are connected to the flow of subtle energies, and in any energy work, distance is just a mental construct. Distant energy healing works because we are all energy and interconnected.


And just as I can tune in and communicate with a cat on the other end of the Pacific Ocean, I can also activate tapping on the meridian points from a distance. All it needs is the intention to connect and acceptance or permission from the animals and their primary caregivers. So, when I tap on a cat in faraway California, I do not need the cat to be physically present in front of me to be able to tune into his fear because his human has gone somewhere, and he does not like the sitter. The sense of fear and anxiety I get is the same, whether it is my cat sitting in front of me or the cat in California.

Distant tapping comes in handy when working with highly sensitive ones,

including skittish cats, who may not be comfortable with being touched. I know some cats who would rather scratch and bite their humans if any tapping is attempted, and distant tapping is the perfect solution for them.

Whatever you are struggling with, there is a solution waiting for you.

Animal reiki teacher - Indrani

The Artemis Approach to EFT Tapping for Cats and Dogs

I strongly believe in delivering results, which is why when you sign up for EFT Tapping for Cats and Dogs with me, I ensure that you leave with new insights, actionable plans, and tangible outcomes. Additionally, you will receive the added advantage of animal communication during your session. A typical session on EFT Tapping for cats and dogs will include the following:

This practice helps you understand and gain insights into what your cat or dog has to say about the situation or challenge they are facing. It often results in profound realizations and allows both the animal and human to shift their perspectives. For example, a human who thought their cat was being a bully realized that it was their other cat that needed help.

This practice helps release heavier emotions and replace them with a more balanced desired outcome.

Since you are an integral part of your animal’s life, you will see that the quicker your emotions shift, the faster they will find relief, too. A client who reached out about her cat’s sensitivity to loud sounds saw an immediate response in her cat while in the middle of her own tapping session.

If the situation involves multiple animals, such as when several cats are not getting along with each other, we will also work with the other cats or dogs who might need help.

With just a few simple sessions, you can help your beloved companions feel more relaxed, happy, and healthy. Don’t wait any longer – book an EFT session today and give your animal companions the gift of emotional freedom!

About Me

Hello there! My name is Indrani, but most people call me Idee. I am a telepathic interspecies communicator and an intuitive energy healer for animals. I have been honored to have in my life cats who chose to share their journey and their wisdom with me and continue to inspire me to walk this path.

My qualifications include graduating from the 18-month Animal Mastery program at CWALU, where I trained in Animal Communication, EFT Tapping, Scalar Wave Healing, and more, working with over 200 animals. I also trained and certified with Rose De Dan in Advanced Reiki Shamanic, and with Kathleen Prasad in the Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki, and I am a teacher-member at Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

Currently, I am pursuing my teacher-training with CWALU and conduct online and in-person workshops on animal communication and intuitive energy healing techniques for animals.

Happy Animals; Happy Humans

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I highly suggest that you consider scheduling a set of four sessions to achieve long-term results. These sessions will include EFT tapping for you, communication with your cat or dog, and EFT tapping for your cat or dog. The first session can take up to 90 minutes, while follow-up sessions will take between 30 to 60 minutes. If you have more than one animal, we will need to schedule additional sessions.

FAQ on Intuitive Energy Healing for Animals

Our cats and dogs have the same meridian system as humans. This means that they have the same meridian points and can benefit from EFT tapping just like humans can, if not more.

Interestingly, cats and dogs tend to respond much faster to tapping than humans. This is because their emotions are not as complicated and layered as humans’, which makes it easier to address their specific emotions. For example, if your cat is grieving, the emotion you have to deal with is grief. In contrast, in most cases, grief can be intertwined with other emotions, such as guilt, regret, and anger in humans.

Additionally, animals are more attuned to subtle energies, as their survival largely depends on their ability to sense and react to energies in the wild or on the streets. Therefore, they tend to respond well to energy work, including EFT tapping.

EFT Tapping for cats and dogs is a safe and effective practice that can be easily done. EFT aims to release emotions that may hinder one’s ability to live life to the fullest. Tapping sessions can be intense and emotional; however, by the end of the session, one will experience a sense of relief.

When animals experience certain emotions, they may feel overwhelmed. However, there are signs that indicate an immediate release of emotions. This is known as ‘release,’ which happens when emotions are freed up and released from the system. Here are a few signs that indicate a shift in the emotions of your animal companions:

– Your cat or dog may sigh during the tapping or afterward and appear more relaxed with drooping eyelids.
– There may be several yawns as they start to relax.
– There could also be signs of passing gas, which is a form of releasing pent-up emotions.
– Your cat or dog may appear to fall asleep as they become much more calm.
– A skittish cat may become more trusting and show up for cuddles.

It is simple. You need to be in a quiet space with no distractions. It is also best if your animal companion is undistracted during the session. You will need to be available over video on Zoom and keep a photograph of your beloved animal companion handy. That’s it. I will walk you through the process during the session.

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