What You Need to Know About Holistic Energy Healing for Animals

Animals love energy healing. And I love energy healing for animals. Often, I encounter clients who say that they do not really believe in energy healing for animals but they are willing to try it for the sake of their cat or their dog. And it is such a delight when they see with wonder how quickly their cat or their dog responds to the energy healing sessions.

So, let us look at what energy healing is all about and how energy healing for animals works.

How does Energy Healing for Animals Work?

We are all made up of energy. Each of us has a subtle energy field. If you have ever practiced Tai Chi or Qigong you may have had a sense of this subtle layer. This Qi or Ki or Chi is our life-force energy. Energy medicine is also referred to as vibrational medicine because, in energy healing for animals, we work with the vibrational frequencies of this subtle energy layer.

When we are ill and out of balance – physically, emotionally, or mentally then this vibrational field is also disturbed. Conventional treatments target specific symptoms ignoring the underlying emotional and sometimes spiritual layers. However, unless the subtle energy field is brought back into a state of harmony and balance our ailments will keep returning sometimes in different forms. And this is where energy healing for animals can help us.

The aim of energy healing is to bring back our energy fields into a state of equilibrium and balance, thereby activating our body’s natural healing capabilities. This is not a miracle cure, nor is it specific to any religion – it is simply how our systems function.

Perks of Holistic Energy Healing

I love energy healing for our animal companions. Energy healing for animals is holistic and can address physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual challenges. We do not look at symptoms as the sole source of information but rather we work on the underlying energy imbalances thereby addressing all the layers. And here are the top 3 reasons why.

#1: Animals Love Energy Healing

First and foremost, our animal companions simply love the energy-healing experience. Animals being far more sensitive to the subtle energies, are already attuned to it. They can sense when they are out of balance and similarly they can also sense the calmness and sense of grounding that comes with energy healing sessions. Often after a session, clients will report how their anxious dog went off to sleep or the cat who had a hip injury became more active.

#2: We Do Not Need to Put Our Cats in that Carrier.

Secondly, imagine an option where our cats get the support they need without needing to get into that dreaded carrier and being hauled off to the clinic. Energy healing for animals works equally if not more effectively over distances. In fact, when our animal companion is left in their natural surroundings, they will tend to be more relaxed than in a stranger’s setup. And the more relaxed they are, the quicker the results.

#3: No side-effects!

And finally, energy healing for animals is gentle, non-invasive, and comes with no side effects. Most energy healers will seek permission from the animal prior to starting a session. In fact, I usually take recourse in energy healing to counter the side effects of vaccines and a few other stronger medications.

Can Energy Healing Actually Heal an Animal?

Liam was a 6-year Labrador with a sensitive stomach. Every now and then, Liam would get violent bursts of the loosies and would end up in critical care. Medical tests did not reveal any underlying medical condition and his parents were feeling clueless about how to go about Liam’s treatment. Liam’s humans reached out for energy healing support. And though they had never heard of energy healing for animals, they were open to a session with Liam. After the first set of sessions, Liam’s irritability was significantly down. I continued energy healing with Liam for about a month. Progress was slow but sure. It has been three months since the last session and Liam has not had another episode.

So, the short answer is Yes! At the same time, we need to remember that energy healing for animals is not a miracle cure. I also know of people who gave up because the first session, did not result in the tumor being eradicated. Energy healing for animals is about creating the causes and conditions, a suitable environment without external stressors where the body’s own healing powers can kick in. If a condition, has progressed in time or if an animal is nearing end-of-life, energy healing can make it easier for an animal to live in comfort without distress.

Benefits of Energy Healing for Animals

Energy healing for animals works across the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your furry or feathery friend.

Energy healing for animals can help:

  • Accelerate recovery from injuries and acute illnesses;
  • Free up emotional distress such as grief over the loss of a loved one
  • Establish and deepen the human-animal trust and bond
  • Remote check-in and support for your friend when you travel and must leave them with a sitter or at boarding.
  • Support the aging process and help our senior animals live with increased mobility and zest
  • Hold space for a peaceful transition

#1: Physical Benefits of Energy Healing for Animals

Pico, a dog was in critical care in the hospital with canine parvo virus. The doctors at the clinic were predicting a 10% chance of survival when her human mom, reached out in desperation asking for energy-healing support. After the first energy healing for animals session, her human mom reported that Pico was able to recognize her and seemed more alert. Pico had been fading and could no longer recognize her humans before the session. After the second session, she showed interest in food and after the third session, she was back home – still on medications but on her way to an accelerated recovery.

Energy healing for animals techniques such as Scalar Wave Healing work at a cellular level and accelerate recovery from physical illnesses and accidental injuries.

#2: Emotional Benefits of Energy Healing for Animals

And then there was Mika, the skittish cat who after multiple changes of humans was finding it difficult to trust her new human and would simply not allow any form of human touch. With Mika, it was a story of energy healing for animals with EFT Tapping that helped free her blocked emotions. Today Mika is more loving and curls up next to her human when she is on Zoom calls, much to the amusement of other participants. 

Remember that energy healing for animals works across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers without needing to isolate them.

#3: Spiritual Benefits of Energy Healing for Animals

Our animal companions are spiritual beings too. They come with their soul contracts and their soul-purpose. Sometimes, when an animal has been through physical or emotional trauma, they may find themselves isolated and disconnected from Source. Such animals may show signs of anxiety, fear, aggression, or sometimes a loss of interest in daily life. I often use Shamanic Healing practices which can heal the original wound without needing to analyse and re-live the experience. Such energy healing for animals can be a powerful tool and help our animal companions remember their soul’s calling.

What are some of the Energy Healing Techniques that can help your animal companion?

Just as each human is unique, each animal is too. This is why at Way of Artemis I use a custom blend of energy healing techniques depending upon individual choices and needs. These are some of my favorites:

Animal Reiki

This simple yet profound energy healing for animals technique works for the highest healing good across physical, emotional, and spiritual layers. At times, when the root cause is not known Reiki can heal the root of trauma. I use Reiki when an animal is in an extreme state of agitation or has lost trust in humans or is dealing with trauma. The Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki, which was founded by my teacher Kathleen Prasad recognizes all animals in their perfect primordial nature and allows the animal to choose how the session will flow and how s/he will allow the healing to occur.

Shamanic Healing

Animals love this earth-bound healing practice. The earth, the stones, the plants, the trees, the clouds – all of nature speaks to us and can be powerful healing allies. And animals are much more in tune with the rhythms of Nature – something we must train to learn. In Shamanic Healing, I work with the animals in partnership with our Nature allies. Shamanic Healing can reach beyond space and time and has been very effective in releasing old trauma or emotions that are often hidden beneath layers of survival mechanisms.

Scalar Wave Healing

And from the world of ancient Shamans, I move to something which though ancient was discovered as late as the 1900s by James Maxwell and later Nicolas Tesla. Scalar Wave harnesses the healing power of high vibrational frequencies meeting to create a standing wave. I rely on Scalar Wave for physical injuries, and illnesses and when working with the senior animals. With the help of Scalar Wave, dogs, and cats have recovered from life–threatening illnesses like parvo-virus in less than a week.

EFT Tapping for Animals

In Traditional Chinese Medicinal system our bodies contain 12 meridians and each is associated with an organ, a season, and an emotion. By tapping on some key points on our body that are associated with these meridians we free up and release the underlying emotions. And of course, it works amazingly well with our animal companions. I have used EFT to help new animals integrate into the household or when there is a behavioral challenge such as excess exuberance and something often mistakenly perceived as aggression. EFT does wonders with the skittish kitties who will not allow any form of touch as we can do the tapping using a surrogate.

Joan Ranquet is one of the pioneers in the field of EFT Tapping for animals. Watch out for her new book on this subject.

Meridian Touch and Accupressure

Using simple breathwork, we can work with the 5 elements and the 12 meridians and bring about instant relaxation. I was introduced to this by my cat Duchess. In her final days, I would sit with her and when her breathing got difficult, she allowed me to use remote breathwork to help her breathing get back to normal.

Besides these, there is a wide array of energy healing options for animals including the use of herbs, nutrition, Bach Flower remedies, and bodywork techniques.

I often start a session with Animal Communication, to get to know an animal better and then move onto energy healing. While animal communication and energy healing, work well together, they can also be practiced independent of each other.

Finally, remember that this is also about you. Energy work can also help you as the caregiver deal with compassion fatigue. When you feel stressed out with all those trips to the clinic, and feeding medicines to the cat (We all know how that normally goes), energy work can help you stay grounded and give you the strength needed to see through the challenging times.