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Energy Therapy For Cats
- A Gentle Way to Enhance Their Wellness

Is your furry friend feeling a bit stressed out or anxious? Are they acting a little off or dealing with some health issues? Well, let me tell you about energy therapy – it’s been a game-changer for helping cats overcome their challenges. And it is my go-to for helping them through tough times.

This holistic approach is an amazing complement to traditional veterinary care. It doesn’t just tackle physical illnesses, but also gets to the root of emotional issues. I once worked with a cat who would get an upset tummy every time her owner went away on a trip. Energy therapy not only helped with the tummy issues but also eased her separation anxiety.

Oliver's Story

Oliver is a handsome tabby, whose human reached out for help because Oliver was displaying signs of aggressive behavior towards humans. We started with animal communication, where Oliver shared that he was feeling insecure and vulnerable because humans triggered memories of an old trauma from when he was living on the streets. Then we moved on to energy therapy, and Oliver showed an inclination for Shamanic healing. The energy healing therapy helped Oliver release the energetic imprints of his past trauma. Over time, Oliver’s behavior changed, and today he is a much more confident and affectionate cat. Energy therapy played a crucial role in helping Oliver heal from his past and embrace a brighter future.

Understanding Energy Therapy for Cats

Energy therapy for cats is all about helping them feel their best. It’s based on the idea that all beings have an energy field that surrounds and fills their body with vital life force energy. When this energy flow is disrupted or blocked, it can cause physical, emotional, and behavioral issues.

Energy therapy techniques like shamanic healing, scalar waves, EFT, and Reiki work by clearing and rebalancing the energy field, which helps activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.


When Can Your Cat Benefit From Energy Therapy?

Luna, a senior cat suffering from arthritis, was experiencing physical distress and mobility issues. Traditional veterinary treatments provided limited relief, so her human decided to try energy therapy. And Luna responded to Scalar Waves. After a set of 4 sessions, Luna’s distress significantly decreased. She was able to move more freely and enjoy a better quality of life in her golden years.

Just like us, our beloved cats can feel physical pain and discomfort from injuries, arthritis, or other health issues. Techniques like Scalar Waves and Shamanic healing can actually help reduce their pain and inflammation, promoting healing and making them more mobile. Our feline friends are also sensitive creatures and can easily get stressed or anxious due to changes in their environment, separation anxiety, or traumatic experiences. That’s where techniques like EFT and Reiki come in – they can help calm your cat’s nerves, reduce anxiety, and promote relaxation. By rebalancing their energy, these techniques can help your cat feel more at ease and confident in their surroundings.

Common Scenarios

I often come across these situations where I’ve seen energy therapy make a positive impact on the lives of many cats.
– smoother recovery from surgeries and illnesses,
– relief from emotional trauma,
chronic illnesses and supports aging in seniors,
– adjust to a new home or changes in the family,
– easing end-of-life transitions.

Energy Therapy Modalities That Cats Love

Animals absolutely adore this earth-centered healing practice! Nature, with her soil, stones, plants, trees, and clouds, talks to us, and nature-beings can be amazing allies in healing. Animals are so in sync with the rhythms of nature, something we strive to connect with. In Shamanic Healing, I work in partnership with animals and nature-allies. This type of healing can go beyond space and time, and is incredibly effective in releasing old trauma or emotions that often hide beneath layers of survival mechanisms.

Moving from the world of ancient Shamans, I now want to talk about something that, although ancient, was discovered as recently as the 1900s by James Maxwell and later by Nicolas Tesla. Scalar Wave harnesses the healing power of high vibrational frequencies to create a standing wave. I rely on Scalar Wave for treating physical injuries and illnesses, especially when working with older animals. Thanks to Scalar Wave, dogs and cats have recovered from life-threatening illnesses like parvo virus in less than a week.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicinal system, our bodies have 12 meridians, each linked to an organ, a season, and an emotion. By tapping on specific points on our body associated with these meridians, we can release underlying emotions. This technique works wonders with our furry friends too. I’ve used Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help new animals settle into the household and address behavioral challenges like excess energy and what might seem like aggression. EFT works like magic with shy cats who don’t like to be touched, as we can do the tapping using a surrogate.

These amazing techniques rooted in traditional Chinese medicine focus on stimulating specific points along the body’s meridian lines to promote natural healing and balance. With gentle, deliberate strokes, meridian touch helps unblock and harmonize the flow of Qi, or vital energy. By using simple breathwork, we can work with the five elements and the meridians to bring about instant relaxation. When my cat Duchess was in her final days, her breathing had become very labored. I would sit with her and use remote breathwork to help her breathing return to normal.

This simple yet powerful energy healing technique is perfect for animals, working on their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Reiki can heal the root of trauma, even when the cause is unknown. I use Reiki for animals in extreme states of agitation, those who have lost trust in humans, or those dealing with trauma.

DIY Energy Therapy Techniques for Cat People

While it’s always great to work with a qualified energy therapist for the best results, there are some energy therapy techniques that can be super helpful during a crisis. These techniques are also perfect for creating a special healing routine with your cat, giving both of you a sacred and shared time.

The first thing to do before any energy work is to make sure you feel grounded and balanced. Take a few minutes to relax and focus on your breathing. If you know any grounding techniques, give them a try. If not, just sit quietly for a few minutes and connect with your natural breathing rhythm. Have some fun trying out these techniques to see which one your cat enjoys the most. This way, when a crisis arises, you’ll know just what to do.

#1: Gentle touch healing

Start by taking a few deep breaths to center yourself and connect with your cat’s energy. Then, gently place your hands on areas where your cat feels comfortable being touched and visualize healing energy flowing from your hands into your cat’s body, promoting relaxation and balance.

#2: Gentle tapping and massage

If your cat allows, try gently tapping along its spine from head to hips. This can really help your cat release pent-up emotions and energy blocks, promoting immediate relaxation. If you’re open to it, consider trying EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with a professional. It combines tapping with cognitive behavior therapy and can be a powerful tool for addressing emotional distress. For now, the gentle tapping can help create a path to recovery.

#3: Animal Reiki meditation

Here is a simple Reiki meditation that you can follow along with. Your cat may or may not be with you. The healing works with the power of intention. And you do not need to be a seasoned Reiki practitioner. All you need to do is follow along with the instructions to experience the benefit.

Remember, it’s important to respect your cat’s boundaries and only practice energy therapy techniques if they are receptive to them. If your cat shows signs of discomfort or resistance, it’s best to consult with a qualified energy therapist.

Wrapping Up: The Transformative Power of Energy Therapy for Cats

Energy therapy is a wonderful, gentle way to support the well-being of your beloved feline friend. By rebalancing their energy, it can help ease anxiety, lessen pain, boost their immune system, and enhance their overall emotional happiness. It’s a great addition to traditional veterinary care, taking into account your cat’s physical, emotional, and energetic needs.

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