The Rainbow Bridge Journey of Healing

The Rainbow Bridge Journey is a signature Shamanic Journey that I do to connect with animals who have transitioned. A Rainbow Bridge Journey is a profound experience that will help you connect with your beloved animal companions who are no longer with you in physical form. And most humans get deep insights into their own life. The messages our animal companions have to share from the other side.

The Story Behind Rainbow Bridge

The term “Rainbow Bridge” can be traced back to folklore and contemporary poems of unconfirmed origin. The Bridge is depicted as an overpass that connects this world with the heavenly realm. The verses talk about Rainbow Bridge as a place our beloved animal companions go to after they transition and live in comfort and free of all struggles. And there they wait till we are reunited. When we are in great despair, having lost a precious family member and companion animal, Rainbow Bridge comes to us as a source of solace and hope.

There are multiple variations to the poem, and I found this one to be very comforting.

A Comforting Rainbow Bridge Journey

Truffles crossed over in an accident, and her human-mom was devastated. Did she not do enough? Was she not taking care of Truffles? Was Truffles disappointed with her? Is she forgiven? Is Truffles happy now? She found all her answers through a Rainbow Bridge Journey. The Journey helped her not just reconnect with Truffles but also realize how spiritual their bond was. She also learned how to connect with Truffles whenever she wanted. Her grief and guilt were replaced with a profound sense of purpose.

And like Truffles, a Rainbow Bridge Journey can help you get all those answers from your animal companions who are no longer in their physical form. Often death leaves us with many unanswered questions, and we wish we knew. And a Rainbow Bridge Journey can help you.

When Can a Rainbow Bridge Journey Help You?

A Rainbow Bridge Journey can instill you with clarity, hope, and insights at any phase of your journey with your beloved animal companions. These are some of the commonly encountered scenarios when a Rainbow Bridge Journey can be what you are looking for if:
– You have suffered a heartbreaking loss of an animal companion;
– Your current animal companions’ are grieving over the loss of another; &
– Your animal companion is nearing the end of life, and you are seeking insights.

A Journey can also help:
– If your animal companion has been in a past trauma that had resulted in soul loss; &
– You want to know more about your bond with your animal companions and their soul purpose.

You Benefit

You move on, having met your animal companions in their true spiritual essence, having realized them for who they truly are, and finally knowing that they will always be in your heart.

Truffles told her human-mom about her soul contract. Her human learned why Truffles had come into her life and why Truffles had to leave the way she left. She came to recognize Truffles as an evolved spiritual being and also heard from the Guides about her soul’s calling.

And Your Animal Companions Benefit Too

Finally, they have a way of making sure you are getting their messages and noticing the signs they are sending your way. They have a sense of satisfaction knowing that they, too, are fulfilling their calling.

This is What You Get When You Sign Up for a Rainbow Bridge Journey

  • Animal Communication – I typically start with basic Animal Communication. This helps you know with certainty that it is indeed your animal companions I am in contact with.
  • Listen to their Messages – You will learn about your animal companions’ true spiritual essence. Often they have messages and guidance for the humans who miss their physical presence.
  • And You Can Also Learn how to Connect with Them – You will feel a heightened sense of connection with your animal companion. And you can also learn how to reach out to them when needed.

Sometimes you may get a glimpse of the Spirit Guides who are assisting with the Journey. And you can hear from them what guidance they have for you too.

There is so much unconditional love in these sessions that you cannot walk away without being changed. I am yet to see a Journey where someone has not emerged with a renewed sense of purpose, hope, and possibilities. Remember to bring tissues, for there are bound to be tears – tears of memories, joy, and knowing that you can do this too.

And You Can Achieve All This From the Comfort of Your Home Without Needing to Travel. Sessions are over Zoom.

Animal reiki teacher - Indrani
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Amadeus & Artemis

About Me & Way of Artemis

Hi, I’m Indrani, often called Idee – a practitioner of telepathic interspecies communication and energy healing for animals.

My tryst with Rainbow Bridge Journeys started after the devastating and unexpected loss of Artemis, the cat who adopted me. I was frantically looking for answers and signed up for a session with a mentor. What started as an animal communication session soon turned into a Journey into another dimension. I met Artemis, and I met my Spirit Guides. The tears flew in abundance. For the first time, I realized who Artemis the cat was.

Of the many things I heard that day, one was Artemis telling me that someday I would be helping others with these Journeys too. My reaction went along the lines – “You’ve got to be kidding. I’m pretty sure that ain’t gonna happen.”

Well, here I am today.....

Today, I am a graduate of the Animal Mastery Program from CWALU, and also certified in Shamanic Reiki and Healing.

However, the Rainbow Bridge Journey remains very close to my heart. It is my hope that should you need a Journey; it will bring you solace and hope and fill your life with new dreams and possibilities.

Rainbow Bridge Journey for Animals

2,000 INR (60 USD)
  • Animal Communication
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Guided Practice
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How to sign up for a Rainbow Bridge Journey?

All my services at Way of Artemis start with a 15-minute complimentary discovery call. You get to know me, ask questions, and decide if this is meant for you. This discovery call is a vital part of the process. It lets us know each other and determine if we were meant to be a match. The stronger you and I have a sense of resonation, the more the chances of a successful session are amplified.

Preparing for the Rainbow Bridge Journey

I prefer having a photograph of your animal companion. However, I have also done sessions where the incident dated so long back that there were no photographs. The photograph can be shared before or during the session.
You will need the following:
• Availability over video on Zoom;
• Seated comfortably, with no external interruptions;
• Please ask other family members to let you have that room to yourself during the session.
• Have handy water for drinking, a notepad in case you want to take notes, and keep some tissues handy.

FAQs on Rainbow Bridge Journeys

Ancient Shamans talk about non-ordinary reality – a dimension that coexists with ours. All it needs is our awareness and openness to access and communicate with this world. In this dimension of non-physical beings, you will find helping spirits or Guides in the form of ancestors, fairy beings, deceased loved ones, and Animal Spirit Guides.
Shamanic Practitioners Journey to these non-ordinary realities by altering their state of awareness. One simple metaphor is the world tree, which acts as a bridge between the worlds. It is also an initiation into the ancient ways of walking between worlds.

You will get all the answers, information, and insights in a single Journey and will not need to repeat this. However, suppose you wish to visit your beloved companion after a while and need more guidance. In that case, you can opt for another Journey after a while.

This depends on the background of the transition.
In most cases, I recommend waiting for at least 72 hours before embarking on a Rainbow Bridge Journey. This is based on my background in Tibetan Buddhism and an understanding of the Bardo (intermediate stage), where the first 72 hours are pivotal when transitioning. However, there are times, especially when an accident is involved, when everyone benefits from an earlier Journey.

In all the Journeys I have done, our animal companions on the other side have been eagerly waiting to share their wisdom with us. In a Journey, we are in touch with the spirit essence filled with unconditional love. I work in partnership with my Power Animals and Spirit Guides on these Journeys. If a journey is not meant to happen or meant to be done at a later time, the Guides will let me know.

You do not have to go through your struggles with your animal companion alone.

Start simple. Start with a 15-minute free discovery call.

With the seniors at the CUPA'S Geriatric center
With the seniors at CUPA's Geriatric Center