Scalar Wave Healing for Our Animal Companions

Discover the incredible power of scalar wave healing for animals and their groundbreaking potential in the realm of animal healing. As science continues to unlock the mysteries of energy and vibration, scalar wave healing promises to revolutionize the way we approach holistic energy healing for our animal companions. By harnessing this unique modality, we can tap into a realm of healing that goes beyond traditional methods. Scalar wave healing works at the quantum level, influencing the energetic structure of cells and h. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of scalar waves and helps our animal companions recover much faster from illnesses and injuries. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of scalar wave healing and how they can be utilized to enhance the healing journey for our beloved animal companions.

The Potential of Scalar Waves in Holistic Healing for Animals

Scalar waves, also known as Tesla waves, are a form of energy that exists in the quantum field. They are unique in that they have no frequency and no direction, making them different from electromagnetic waves. Scalar waves have the ability to interact with the energy field of living organisms, including animals, and influence their overall well-being. When harnessed correctly, scalar waves can promote healing on a deep, cellular level, addressing the root causes of illness and promoting balance and harmony within the body.

Works Over Distances

One of the key aspects of scalar waves is their ability to work over geographical distances without any loss of intensity. This makes scalar waves a powerful tool for animal healing, as they can reach areas that may be difficult to access through other modalities. By influencing the energetic structure of cells, scalar waves can stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and promote a state of optimal health and well-being.

The Standing Wave

Scalar waves also have the ability to create a standing wave, in which all the waves are in harmony and working together. This standing wave can have a profound effect on the animal’s energy field, promoting balance and restoring equilibrium. By creating a standing wave within the body, scalar waves can help to release energetic blockages, reduce inflammation, and pave the way for a much faster path to recovery.

Scientific Research and Studies on Scalar Waves in Animal Healing

A Look at History: Discovery of Scalar Wave

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), a Scottish mathematician first detected scalar waves. However, contemporary scientists dismissed his work, classifying it as mystical due to lack of cognitive evidence. Next, in 1899 Nicola Tesla accidentally re-discovered Scalar waves while experimenting with abrupt direct current electrical charges. Finally, in the 1920s, Einstein acknowledged the existence of this form of energy.

Use of Scalar Wave in Holistic Healing

Much later, Dr. Valerie Hunt (1917 – 2014), a scientist at UCLA, made a path-breaking discovery. She found that consciously thinking about breathing in the same frequencies coming from opposite sides creates bio-scalar energy within the body.

Dr Hunt went on to find that the energy used by hands-on healers comes under this category. During the course of her investigation, Dr. Hunt also discovered that illnesses cause a chaotic energy field. In comparison, well-being has a different pattern of homeostasis grounded in stability and equilibrium. Chaos cannot exist in the presence of a standing wave. Therefore, this standing wave can reset homeostasis and bring about healing.

Scalar Wave Healing for Animals

Joan Ranquet is the pioneer and leader in harnessing the power of Scalar Wave healing for animals. I have not come across any other leader who ventured into creating a structure around Scalar Wave Healing for Animals. If there is anyone else, then information about them is not readily available. I have learned Scalar Wave healing for animals from Joan’s Communication With All Life University (CWALU). And all other practitioners who use Scalar Wave healing for animals are fellow teachers and students of CWALU.

Studies on Scalar Wave Healing for Animals

The use of scalar waves in animal healing has yielded numerous success stories and case studies. One such case involved a cat named Aria who was suffering from chronic kidney disease. Traditional veterinary treatments were not providing significant relief, and Aria’s quality of life was rapidly deteriorating. After receiving scalar wave therapy, Aria showed remarkable improvement in her kidney function and overall well-being. Her energy levels increased, she gained weight, and her appetite improved. Bella’s recovery was a testament to the power of scalar waves in promoting healing and restoring balance.

How Scalar Wave Works with the Body's Energy Field

To understand how scalar waves interact with the body’s energy field, it is important to first understand the concept of the energetic body. The energetic body, also known as the biofield or aura, is an invisible field of energy that surrounds and permeates the physical body. It is composed of various layers and channels through which life force energy, or chi, flows.
Scalar waves have the ability to interact with the energetic body by influencing the flow and balance of energy within the body. When scalar waves are applied to the body, they can help to release stagnant or blocked energy, promote the flow of chi, and restore balance and harmony within the energetic body. This can have a profound effect on the animal’s overall health and well-being, as the energetic body is closely interconnected with the physical body.
Scalar waves can also interact with the chakra system, which is a series of energy centers located along the spine. Each chakra corresponds to a specific area of the body and is associated with different aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By influencing the flow of energy within the chakras, scalar waves can help to address imbalances and promote a state of optimal health and balance.

How To Use Scalar Wave In Healing for Animals

The capacity to heal animals, including humans, come from the conscious creation of a standing wave. As a practitioner of Scalar Wave healing for animals, I typically use a combination of visualization, breathwork, and tracking of the subtle energies in a session. Healing happens at a cellular level. A simple way to view this is to imagine high-vibrational healing energies being brought into the system to create a standing wave, and then that space of healing radiating out from the inside touch each and every cell of the body. Healing happens across all layers – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
Healing can happen by clearing out stuck energies and strengthening weaknesses, and it can also be regenerative in nature. This is one of the reasons why Scalar Wave healing works in situations where conventional treatments have reached a dead-end.

My Introduction to Scalar Wave Healing

I first came across Scalar Wave Healing when I read Joan Ranquet’s book, “Energy Healing for Animals.” and Joan taught me Scalar Wave Healing. A few months later, I found myself amid the pandemic-induced-lockdown where I was stuck someplace else. At the same time, back home, my cats were being looked after at a boarding by a friend.
One day, my friend reported that one of them was down with a fever and was refusing to eat. The doctor they had consulted had recommended Covid testing for my cat. It was scary, and I wasn’t having any of it.
In utter desperation, I immediately started distant Scalar Wave healing for him. I did about 5 or 6 sessions that day within a span of hours. By evening, my friend updated me that he had started eating. It was a good start, but more was needed.
So I doggedly continued with more sessions. The next morning brought the news that he seemed more active, and there was no sign of fever. I sent him a giant virtual hug and a head-bump. Scalar Wave helped my cat recover within hours.This cat later helped me write about the experience from his point of view as well.
I fell in love with Scalar Waves and there was no turning back.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Scalar Wave Healing for Animals

I have seen how Scalar Wave Healing has helped animals make a quick recovery, bounce back from situations where doctors had given up, and also recover from emotions such as grief.

Scalar Wave healing can help:
– Accelerate recovery from accidental injuries, surgeries, and acute conditions.
– Support recovery from chronic conditions
– Increase mobility in senior animals
– Find the zest back even when the diagnosis is unknown
– Regenerate cognitive functions, including helping with forgetfulness and memory loss.

Scalar Wave Healing for Cleo

There have been times when clients have reached out with conflicting and confusing diagnoses or with test results that showed no visible anomaly. In Scalar Wave sessions, I can also help you with information on what is energetically off.

Cleo had stopped eating and drinking while the doctors continued to say that all her test results were normal. While offering her the support of Scalar Wave healing, there was a significant discrepancy in her energy levels at a specific part of her body. When I reported this to her humans, they decided to get a second medical opinion and, this time, came back with a more specific and helpful diagnosis. Cleo was back to her normal self within weeks as the healing started showing results.

Pixie Recovers from Parvo

Pixie was a 2-year-old Maltese Shitzu who had been diagnosed with parvovirus. Her condition had gone undetected and hence was not treated until things were about to collapse. When Pixie’s mom reached out for energy healing support, Pixie was in ICU, disoriented, and could no longer recognize her humans. The doctors were not very hopeful about her recovery. I started Pixie on Scalar Wave Healing. The first night passed, and her human reported that Pixie had not declined any further but was not showing any signs of recovery either. After the second Scalar Wave session, she noted with delight that Pixie could recognize her and was eating on her own but was still in ICU. After the fourth session, I did not hear anything and feared that things might have worsened. And then I got this call. Pixie’s mom said that Pixie was out of ICU. While medicines and treatments were to continue, she was released from the hospital. She was bringing Pixie back home.

Can Scalar Wave Healing Really Work Over a Distance?

Yes! And this is one of my favorite reasons why I love Scalar Waves. It does not matter which part of the world the animal is in. It does not matter if the animal is at the hospital. Like several other energy healing modalities, Scalar Wave healing is not dependent on physical proximity. In fact, I prefer that the animals be left in their natural surroundings. After years of living with cats, I know how painful it can be for both cats and humans to be carried in a carrier to meet a stranger. I say, let them be and let Scalar do its job.

In case you are wondering how distant healing really works, here is an article that provides a more detailed explanation.

The Future of Animal Healing with Scalar Waves

As we continue to unlock the mysteries of energy and vibration, scalar waves offer a new frontier in the realm of animal healing. Their unique ability to influence the energetic structure of cells and promote balance and harmony within the body makes them a powerful tool in promoting optimal health and well-being for our beloved animal companions. Through scientific research, case studies, and success stories, we are beginning to uncover the transformative effects of scalar waves in animal healing.

In the future, we can envision a world where scalar wave healing is a standard part of every animal’s healthcare routine, promoting optimal health, well-being, and longevity. As we continue to explore the incredible potential of scalar waves, we have the opportunity to enhance the lives of our animal companions and revolutionize the field of animal healing. The future is bright, and scalar waves are leading the way.

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