Way of Artemis

My Scalar Wave Healing Journal

(transcribed with permission)

Hello, Beautiful humans! My name is Lancelot. I live near the Himalayas with my human, Idee, and her other cat, Frodo Bond (aka Bond). Idee says I am her handsome orange tabby. Me? I am more modest, though I don’t mind the attention. Idee writes a lot and I wanted to help. So, I agreed to share some of my notes to make her life easier, and she promised TREATS. If you want to know more about Idee, you can read her story here. But this article is mine.

Idee does something called Scalar Wave healing for animals. It is yummy. And I was her very first Scalar Wave subject. I loved it so much that I started keeping a secret journal on Scalar. And today, I am going to share some Scalar stories from my journal.

My First Encounter Scalar Wave Healing

It was on one of those trip-things that Idee does. I am not convinced that these trips are really needed. But Idee was gone. And it was raining. My first ever rain and I quickly surmised that I’m not too fond of it. It gets cold and dark, and I feel miserable. Very soon, my body felt hot, and my mouth was dry. I did not feel like eating and wanted to bite Idee’s friend, who was looking after me. There I was, all curled up, feeling miserable and missing Idee.

And then, out of nowhere, I felt my legs feeling very weirdly comforting. Whoa? What’s happening? Wait! It feels kinda nice. And then my hips felt relaxed and all the way to my chest. Aaah! I sighed. This must be magic, I thought. My eyes were closing, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep – not a cat nap, a proper sleep. I woke up and was ravenously hungry. The waves continued coming throughout the day. Every few hours, I could feel this yummy thing. I loved it.

Later when Idee returned, she told me she was sending me Scalar energies. What’s that? Whatever it was, it was awesome! Nowadays, it is easier. Idee talks to the cats to tell them what she will do before starting. She does a proper lady-like introduction. I have another story of what happened when she did not bother with the introduction. It is funny. Now, hold your horses. it is coming later in this journal.

You can see why I am a big fan of Scalar Waves...

A few months later, Idee signed up for the program at Joan Ranquet’s Communication With All Life University (CWALU). Joan was the one who taught Idee her Scalar Wave magic, and I LOVE Joan. Idee loved being in the classes at CWALU, and I loved listening to Joan along with Idee. It was the first time I realized there were other decent humans out there – folks I could trust Idee with.

Joan pioneered the art of Scalar Wave healing for animals, and Idee swears by her book, “Energy Healing for Animals.” Check out her fantastic website for more information.

And Idee had to submit these Scalar Wave case studies. That was a whole lot of fun.

Scalar Wave Healing Actually Works!

It took time for Idee to start trusting Scalar Waves. She has this annoying habit of dismissing all the good stories as flukes. I asked, “How many flukes do you need, girl?” Sometimes I forget that human intelligence is flawed and that I need to be patient with her.

Rescue Kitten and Energy Work​

I remember this one time when she worked on Scalar Wave healing with her friend in Washington. This friend was fostering a new rescue kitten who was in bad shape, and his head had gotten all twisted, and he could not walk straight. Doctors were doubtful if he would survive for long. Her friend was as stubborn as Idee (if not more). And together between them, they worked shifts round the clock from one sunrise till another. That lucky cat got a rather generous dose of Scalar Wave healing and who knows what else. It took about a week. And what do I see the week after in Idee’s class? The same cat was prancing around, looking perfectly normal. No head tilt. What just happened? Did someone switch cats here?

The Chickens Get Scalared!

And then there were the chickens! And whoever heard of intelligent chickens receiving Scalar Wave healing. I had to live to see that day, and I was proud of Idee. There were about five of them, and Idee worked on each of them in turn. These chickens had been inconsistent in laying eggs. (I don’t think they needed Scalar. Just a meow would have sufficed). But they did receive Scalar, and soon all that wonky un-chicken-like stuff disappeared. Boy, did the chicken learn? Every now and then, something would happen to one of them, and Idee would help them recover with Scalar Waves. I suspect they were looking for an excuse to receive more Scalar.

My Grand Scalar Wave Healing with Pastor Julie

Pastor Julie and Idee are friends. Pastor Julie is also a CWALU graduate and teacher-in-training. Her cats have been actively training Idee in Animal Communication. I love talking to Julie. She gets me. You can find her here on Facebook.

Now did I say human intelligence is flawed? What kind of idiocy makes one give up a comfortable house and move halfway across the country to an unknown place? Well, my Idee did just that, and I, too, was made part of the move. Not that I would have gone anywhere else without her, but I made my disapproval of the plan pretty obvious. I don’t do moves, and I definitely don’t do carriers. I was terrified – all that loud noise at the airport and all those giant humans hovering around. I freaked out and would have made a dash for it.

Idee had roped in Pastor Julie as her accomplice. Soon, in the middle of all that chaos, I felt a bizarre sense of calmness. I was able to feel my paw touching the carrier. I was suddenly very aware of my paws on the ground. It felt soothing as if I was being covered in some energy blanket. I decided to settle in and feel my paws. Of course, Pastor Julie was doing her Scalar for me. She has this signature Julie-Scalar, and unlike Idee, she has much more patience. So, the Scalar just came and came and came, all the way to my new home. Later Idee told me that others were also sending me Scalar energies. No wonder I felt blanketed. If I am still with Idee today, sharing anecdotes, it is because I had all that Scalar support that day.

OK. Now enough of the serious stuff.

A Scalar Wave Healing Story to Make You Laugh

Here’s my final Scalar Wave Healing anecdote. A few months after that horrid move, Idee and I welcomed Frodo Bond (aka Bond) into our lives. He had a shiny black and white coat, would fit into my paws, and baby Bond insisted on sleeping on my tummy. How can a cat be so tiny?

Now Bond really wanted to climb the curtains and was terrible at it. I was the expert climber of the house, and one day when I was in the middle of teaching Bond how to climb curtains, Idee decided to introduce Bond to Scalar Wave Healing. So, there we were, climbing curtains while Idee was in the other room doing her Scalar Wave stuff. I wonder why she did not do her usual talk before starting.

I still remember that look on Bond’s face when he felt the first flow of the energies. I have never seen a cat more stupefied. I was in splits. This little one soon figured out this had something to do with Idee. So, he dashed to where Idee was sitting. He kept looking at Idee and then checking his body, trying to connect the two. What’s happening? Idee was not even touching him. It took a few seconds and a nudge from me. Bond soon formed an opinion that he was in love with Scalar Waves. He forgot about the curtains and curled up and, believe it or not – went off to sleep. Huh?

I need to have a chat with Idee so that she does not intrude into my training sessions.

I am outta here now!

Are you there with me still? I hope I have made you sufficiently curious about Scalar to try a session with these folks. You will love it!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you want me to help you with your animal companion, just book a discovery call.