Scalar Wave Healing for Animals at Way of Artemis

A Scalar Wave healing session for animals is one of the most potent modes of energy work for your animal companions. I have seen dogs recover from conditions such as acute snake bite poisoning and parvovirus when doctors had given up on them. Cats with chronic ailments have gone on to live a life of reasonable comfort after Scalar Wave sessions.

Scalar Wave healing for animals is a form of holistic energy healing that uses high-frequency Scalar Waves. Scalar Wave healing creates conditions for your animal companions where they can find accelerated recovery from acute illnesses and deep relaxation that leads to freedom from emotional and mental stressors.

Scalar Wave healing sessions for animals is one of the fastest-acting healing techniques I have known and can work effectively over distances without subjecting your animal companions to yet another trip. It is my go-to when I need a quick and effective turnaround.

What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar energy, also known as zero-point energy, is created when waves of the same frequency coming from opposite directions meet in the middle. Research has shown that scalar waves play a role in physical and emotional healing as it helps bring balance when set in contact with or around a body. Animals being sensitive to the subtle energy fields, respond quite effortlessly to such Scalar Wave healing sessions.

Joan Ranquet is the pioneer and leader in harnessing this and formulating Scalar Wave healing sessions for animals. I have trained in Scalar Wave healing sessions for animals at Joan’s Communication With All Life University (CWALU). And most other practitioners who offer Scalar Wave healing sessions for animals are fellow teachers and students of CWALU.

How Does Scalar Wave Healing for Animals Work?

With Scalar Waves, the healing for your animal companions happens at a cellular level. Using visualization and breathwork, the high-frequency Scalar Waves are brought in, thereby creating a standing wave of energy. In this standing wave of energy, there is no chaos and disruption to the vibrational fields. And this state of perfect balance, in turn creates the potential for profound healing across all levels.

A typical Scalar Wave healing session for animals involves activating and smoothening the flow of subtle energies. By doing so, toxic energies are also cleared. A practitioner will work on the energy centers or chakras, strengthening and balancing the system across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. The healing process is further boosted as the high-frequency Scalar Waves come into the system.

What Conditions Can A Scalar Wave Healing Session for Animals Treat?

In Scalar Wave healing for animals, we are working with the subtle energies of the system. This is a holistic system of healing that works across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers.

I have seen near-miraculous results in clients where all hope seemed lost at first. These are some of the common conditions I have worked with in cats and dogs and where Scalar Wave healing sessions for animals have proved to be highly effective:

Physical Challenges

Cats and dogs just coming out of critical surgeries get back on their paws within days with Scalar Wave healing.
• Dogs fighting life-threatening viral infections and snake bites have recovered within a week.
• Chickens who had challenges laying eggs showed remarkable improvements after a single session.
• Senior animals with mobility challenges started going out for walks willingly after sessions.
• Animals who were diagnosed with illnesses such as CKD and disorders of the heart and were not predicted to be around for long went on to live a comfortable life for many more years.

Emotional Challenges

• Cats grieving the loss of a family member find their zest and mojo back within days.
• Cats and dogs who had stopped eating and where medical tests showed no physical ailments started eating after sessions.
• And then there is energetic cat-sitting. I seem to attract a lot of clients who are planning on traveling and need their skittish cats supported with Scalar Wave healing sessions. These sensitive cats could cope better with their new sitters with the support of Scalar Wave healing sessions.

About Me & Scalar Wave Healing Sessions at Way of Artemis

Animal reiki teacher - Indrani
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Hi! I'm Idee.

My first direct experience of Scalar Waves was at Joan Ranquet’s Communication With All Life University. I have a copy of Joan Ranquet’s Energy Healing for Animals, which I have read and read so many times over. In this book, Joan writes about the power of Scalar Wave healing sessions for animals. When my cat Amadeus was diagnosed with a terminal stage of cancer, I also reached out to Joan.

From there, I went on to sign up and complete Joan’s 18-month intense Animal Mastery Program – a program that involved hands-on experience with over 200 cats, dogs, horses, goats, chickens, and many others.

I’ve been practicing the intuitive energy healing arts for over 12 years and with Scalar Wave healing I have witnessed animals and humans heal faster from physical and emotional challenges.

When you sign up for Scalar Wave healing sessions with me at Way of Artemis, you get:

Results – if an animal responds to energy work, you will see the shifts with two or three Scalar Wave sessions.

A healing space for you – This is also about you, and providing care for someone who is not at their best can be exhausting. And when you sign up for sessions at Way of Artemis, you will also find support for yourself.

Non-invasive and hassle-free sessions – Scalar Wave sessions are gentle for your animal companions. And you will see that not much is needed of you for the sessions. Time zone differences have never been a challenge.


I invite you to schedule a free discovery call and know more.

Happy Animals. Happy Humans.

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Getting Started with Scalar Wave Healing Sessions at Way of Artemis

Interested in experiencing a Scalar Wave healing session for your animal companions at Way of Artemis? And are you brimming with questions on how to proceed? It is easy to get started.

We start with a free discovery call. This 15-minute call gives us both a chance to know each other better. I can also help you with any queries on Scalar Wave healing sessions. And you will be able to determine if this resonates with you. After the call, there will be multiple options to book sessions, and I will help you finalize what will work best.

I work with clients across the globe from California to Perth and am available across most timezones. You will find that timezone is not a challenge when working with me.

And if you have come this far, you were probably meant to. I invite you to schedule your discovery call and take this a step further today. I have seen clients waiting until the very last moment when little else is left to be done. If Scalar Wave is what you finally choose to do, please do not wait until you run out of options.

FAQs on Scalar Wave Healing

At Way of Artemis, I offer animal healing services for a wide variety of animals, including dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.

I work with clients across the globe and the beauty of this work is that you do not need to subject your cat or dog to another trip. In fact allowing them to be in their natural surroundings is more conducive to healing.

We are all energy and we are all interconnected in the web of life. Energy work is not bound by mental constructs of time and space. In most distant sessions you will be able to see visible signs of relaxation in an animal when the session is in progress. Read more about how distance healing works in this article

Sessions involve the sharing of a sacred connection and universal life-force energy and is not capable of causing harm.

In most instances clients reported positive changes in sleeping patterns, relaxation or increased mobility and zest for life.

There may be instances when the work releases energy blockages in the form of physical or emotional detox such as a constipated cat using the litter box or farting which in turn leads to healing. This can happen when the the body begins to deal with years of pent-up stress and other toxins.

Scalar Wave healing can help to support the overall health and well-being of animals, as well as treat a wide range of health conditions, including:
• Anxiety and stress-related disorders
• Behavioral issues
• Chronic conditions such as a weak digestion or respiratory issues
• Emotional distress caused by emotions such as grief or fear
• Ageing support for our seniors

The cost of a session of animal healing varies depending on the length of the session, and other factors. Service descriptions and rates can be found here.

The number of animal healing sessions required depends on the individual needs of your animal companion. Typically for acute conditions a set of 3 is recommended. For chronic conditions, support for senior animals and behavorial challenges, long term support might be needed

It really is quite simple. You do not need to do a thing. I do ask that you be present on Zoom for the discussions. Your animal companion is free to carry on with normal routine. I do ask for a photograph to help with the animal communication. And no, I do not need to see medical records for energy healing to work.

You do not have to go through your struggles with your animal companion alone.

Start simple. Start with a 15-minute free discovery call.

With the seniors at the CUPA'S Geriatric center
With the seniors at CUPA's Geriatric Center