Shamanic Healing Sessions for Animals

Shamanic healing for animals is one of the most ancient and potent modalities that can help your beloved animal companions cope with physical and emotional challenges. There have been times when cats and dogs have been diagnosed with life-threatening critical illnesses. With the help of Shamanic healing for animals, they have gone on to live a reasonably comfortable life, much to the astonishment of their humans.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a way of life. It is an ancient way of life where humankind lived in close partnership with the natural world. When we walk the Shamanic path, we live in communion with the trees, the plants, the stones, the winds, the rivers, the mountains, and all else, including, of course, the majestic world of animals. Shamanism still lives on within several indigenous communities around the globe – from Siberia and Mongolia to the Andean communities and even within a few indigenous communities in India.

Shamanism is the whisper of guidance carried by our ancestors and passed from generation to generation within our very cells: insights and visions in the smoke and flame of ceremonial fire touched by the breath of the winds, the promise of strength and perception from the power animals, the ancient knowledge held in trust for us by the bones of Mother Earth, the Stone People, the tendrils of green healing that lovingly assist us with all manner of healing remedies, gift of the Plant People.

How Does Shamanic Healing for Animals Work?

In Shamanic healing for animals, I work in partnership with my Spirit Animal Guides, healing Stone People and other Allies. All of us, including our beloved animal companions, come into this Earth with personal Spirit Guides—your animal companions Spirit Guides and helping Allies support your beloved animal companions on their life’s path. In Shamanic healing for animals, I facilitate that connection so that healing can happen.

Your animal companions will be connecting with their helping spirits and healing allies. The Spirit Guides know what each animal needs and will help clear and strengthen the energies. I draw on the healing energies from universal sources. Along with my healing bundle and nature allies, we use that healing energy to help each animal with precisely what is most needed for them. Shamanic healing for animals consists of working with my Spirit Guides and helping allies, tracking energies, and removing any blocks or strengthening any leaks and weaknesses.

If you are ready to start this magical journey with your animal companions, set up a free discovery call. Let’s chat.

How can Shamanic Healing for Animals Help?

Shamanic healing for animals works on the subtle energy body of your animal companions. The root cause of a condition need not be known for this healing to happen. And when we work with the subtle energy body, healing happens for the highest healing good across physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual layers.

Lily’s Story:

Lily was a sweet golden retriever well into her senior years. Lily’s humans reached out after Lily was diagnosed with a kidney condition. The illness was in an advanced stage when Lily started on her Shamanic healing journey, and her humans were preparing for her transition. As the sessions continued, Lily began to regain her appetite. After a while, her mobility started improving too. Nine months have gone by since her first session. And as of the date of writing this article, Lily is active and eating well. While her kidneys have not returned to normalcy and may never be cured, with Shamanic healing Lily is living a life of comfort and joy with her favorite humans.


Animals are earth-beings, and they have a much more keen and acute perception of the earth energies involved in Shamanic healing. My cats can now recognize healing allies and will often engage with the allies in my healing bundle. They catch the draft from the sessions and love basking with the allies.

Based on all my experience in working with cats and dogs, these are the most common ways in which your animal companions will benefit:

Finding relief from ongoing physical and emotional illnesses

Physical and emotional ailments arise when there is a disruption to the spirit body. Working closely with Spirit Guides and healing allies, the disorder can be tracked, traced, and returned to a state of wholeness. When this happens, your animal companion will naturally start shifting either physically or emotionally and sometimes even spiritually.

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey involves non-physical traveling into non-ordinary reality, which is the land of the Spirit Guides. In Shamanic healing for animals, a Shamanic Journey can facilitate direct work and guidance from the Guides. I usually recommend a Journey when an animal is nearing end-of-life to determine what is needed. These journeys are often emotional and have the power to help you bond even more deeply with your animal companion as you start recognizing them as spiritual beings with their own soul purpose.

I also Journey when connecting with animals who have transitioned. These have been profoundly healing for both humans and animals. Once you gain an understanding of your beloved animal companion’s soul contract and soul purpose and you hear about your journey together, it can become a powerful healing tool on your own life’s journey.

Freedom from past trauma

Trauma leaves behind an imprint that your animal companions will carry along with them. The trauma can be from this life or from another and can be a known source or of unknown origin. Such trauma can manifest as physical illnesses or behavior patterns, such as the cat who always seems spooked. In cases like this, the Guides might want me to do a Journey and retrieve and heal the parts that were broken or fragmented in the past. Soul retrieval can be done for animals too. Once augmented with soothing practices like Animal Reiki can be a powerful tool to heal old traumas.

About Me & Shamanic Healing at Way of Artemis

Animal reiki teacher - Indrani
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My name is Indrani, and I also go by Idee. I have been working with Power Animals and Animal Spirit Guides for long. It was much later that I was introduced to the structure of Shamanic practices and training in Andean Shamanism. I am also a Shamanic Reiki and Animal Reiki practitioner and teacher and bring into the sessions my own ARTEMIS animal healing modality.

Shamanic healing for animals sessions are intuitive, and each session is different. I work closely with my Power Animals, Spirit Guides, and healing allies. I listen to the guidance that comes in terms of what is most beneficial for an animal.

I will often augment a Shamanic Healing for animals session with Reiki or Shamanic Journeying to provide the energy medicine that is most needed. These are some of the standard techniques I use.
• Energy Healing with Spirit Guides and healing allies
• Soul Retrieval for freedom from trauma.
• Shamanic Journeys
• Shamanic Animal Communication

And it all starts with a free discovery call. A discovery call gives us a chance to know each other better. You will also be able to determine if Way of Artemis resonates with you. I believe it is essential to have a connection – the stronger the connection, the more effective will be the healing for your animal companions.

Happy Animals. Happy Humans.

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You Will Love Shamanic Healing for Animals

There are times when my cats and I have turned to Shamanic healing to help us cope with challenging times. Once you experience a Shamanic healing session, you too will fall in love because:

  • Shamanic healing will work with the core issue at hand even when you may not be aware of it.
  • You may get a glimpse of your animal companions Spirit Guides, and helping spirits from non-ordinary reality.
  • It is hassle-free and most of all, you do not need to bring your animal companions for in-person sessions. All sessions are distant, and you can save your cats the agony of yet another trip.
  • Shamanic healing for animals can also help your animal companions be free of old and past-life traumas.
    You will start seeing your animal companions in their true spiritual selves.

Distant Shamanic Healing for Animals Sessions

Sessions for your animal companions are exclusively over Zoom. I believe it is far more beneficial to let your animal companions be in their natural environment instead of being dragged to meet yet another stranger. And living with cats, I know how troubling that can be for most of our feline companions and some dogs as well.

Often during sessions, there will be guidance for you as well, and you can hear from your Spirit Guides on matters concerning your beloved animal companion.

FAQs on Animal Healing

At Way of Artemis, I offer animal healing services for a wide variety of animals, including dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.

I work with clients across the globe and the beauty of this work is that you do not need to subject your cat or dog to another trip. In fact allowing them to be in their natural surroundings is more conducive to healing.

We are all energy and we are all interconnected in the web of life. Energy work is not bound by mental constructs of time and space. In most distant sessions you will be able to see visible signs of relaxation in an animal when the session is in progress. Read more about how distance healing works in this article

Sessions involve the sharing of a sacred connection and universal life-force energy and is not capable of causing harm.

In most instances clients reported positive changes in sleeping patterns, relaxation or increased mobility and zest for life.

There may be instances when the work releases energy blockages in the form of physical or emotional detox such as a constipated cat using the litter box or farting which in turn leads to healing. This can happen when the the body begins to deal with years of pent-up stress and other toxins.

Animal healing can help to support the overall health and well-being of animals, as well as treat a wide range of health conditions, including:
• Anxiety and stress-related disorders
• Behavioral issues
• Chronic conditions such as a weak digestion or respiratory issues
• Emotional distress caused by emotions such as grief or fear
• Ageing support for our seniors

The cost of a session of animal healing varies depending on the type of healing modality used, the length of the session, and other factors. Service descriptions and rates can be found here.

The number of animal healing sessions required depends on the individual needs of your animal companion. Typically for acute conditions a set of 3 is recommended. For chronic conditions, support for senior animals and behavorial challenges, long term support might be needed

It really is quite simple. You do not need to do a thing. I do ask that you be present on Zoom for the discussions. Your animal companion is free to carry on with normal routine. I do ask for a photograph to help with the animal communication. And no, I do not need to see medical records for energy healing to work.

Your Spirit Guides are there with you too, and you can experience their support with a session.