An Introduction To Energy Healing

Starting on that journey to wellness? This is the first question many have. What is energy healing?

This article looks at the fundamentals of energy healing and how animals interact with energy healing.

So, What is Energy Healing?

Beyond the boundaries of our cognitive perceptions, there is a subtle energy field – a universal energy pervading all living organisms. Everything around us is vibrating with energy. We also refer to this as the chi, qi, prana or life-force energy. Moreover, it is vital to life and influences physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and well-being.

What Causes Illness?

Physical illness, injury or emotional distress brings about disturbance in the energy field. However, we often attempt to cure the physical symptoms, ignoring the underlying emotional and spirit layers. And it is unlikely that a cure will be effective, until the energy field is brought back to harmony. For most part, energy medicines involve activating the body’s natural healing energies and bringing about well-being. Usually this done by cleansing, strengthening and balancing.

How Can Energy Healing Help?

The benefits of vibrational healing can be far-reaching and includes:

  • physical healing & vitality;
  • helping release underlying emotions;
  • emotional contentment;
  • helping bring about mental clarity and grounding;
  • clearing blocks so that the energy can flow smoothly

History of Energy Healing

Since time immemorial, ancient cultures have been working with the subtle energy layer to bring about healing. Indigenous Americans have been using healing ceremonies, sweat lodges, herbs and Shamanic energy work for around 10,000 years and possibly as long as 38,000 years. Furthermore, ancient shamanic practices called upon power animals and spirit animal guides to aid in healing. Traditional Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese and Indian medical system harnesses the qi / chi / prana to bring about healing. Similarly, Egyptians relied on Sekhem, a technique similar to Reiki as a mode of hands-on healing.

“Aborigines, like other indian tribes, believe that people today have less of this life energy than in the past. Because life energy is the common source between human beings and nature, the loss of it parallels the loss of connection between human beings and their relations: the plants, animals, stones, water, sky, the Earth, and all of creation. Restoring life energy to its original condition of fullness may be the key to recovering lost potentials and realizing that "the Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst.”

Animals and Energy Healing

Animals are much more attuned to the energetic vibrations as unlike humans they do not have this attachment to analysis and logic, which is often an obstacle for the path of energy healing. They can easily detect shifts in energy patterns. Notice how animals can instinctually sense out beings or environments that pose a potential danger and will as an act of reflex take course to a fight-or-flight response. In the wild, animals rely on this ability to “sense” the vibes as an essential tool for survival. Energy healing such as Reiki and Scalar Waves  bring benefit to our animal companions.

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In today’s world, there is potential for holistic energy healing to work hand-in-hand with contemporary medicines and supplement them. Contemporary medical treatments are focused on symptoms with the objective of bringing quick relief. Whereas, energy medicine can work on the underlying root cause and bring about a deeper long-lasting healing across physical, emotional and mental layers.

The best way to get a view on energy healing is to experience it. If you feel called to energy healing, you can try a personalized session for your animal companion here. Or if you want to take this a step further and get certified in the art of Animal Reiki, check out the certification programs here.