Reiki Refresher

Reiki is a specific form of energy healing, where a practitioner places hands just off or lightly touching the body. To begin with, the intention is to hold a space for the energy leading to a state of deep relaxation and healing. Furthermore, Reiki can also happen remotely. Generally, the recipient need not be physically present in front of the practitioner.

Origin of Usui Reiki

Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Zen Buddhist practitioner is credited to be have brought the art of Reiki into human awareness in 1922. While being on a 21- day spiritual retreat that involved fasting and meditation, Dr Usui had a mystical experience. He had a vision of certain symbols. And thereby, he discovered Reiki. Dr. Usui started teaching Reiki after an earthquake hit Japan. He felt an urge to spread the knowledge and prevent it from becoming another lost art. Amongst his students, there was a naval officer Dr Chijuro Hayashi, who further enhanced the practice. Dr Hayashi also taught Hawayo Takata. Mrs Takata was the first to bring Reiki to the west and also responsible for the widespread global spread of Reiki.

There are several conflicting versions on the spread of Reiki. For the most part, I have found this to be the most comprehensive one.

A teacher passes on Reiki to a student through attunements in a personal session. As a rule, most practitioners can trace their lineage back to Dr. Usui.


What happens in a Reiki Session?

In a Reiki session the practitioner shares the universal energy flow with the recipient. Technically, the practitioner does not transmit energy. Instead he/she creates a space for the Ki/Qi/Chi to work on the recipient’s energy field and sets an intention for the highest benefit. to bring balance and harmony. The energy is typically left to work on its own without the practitioner intervening. The energy naturally flows where it is needed. Recipients often experience a combination of tingling, a hot-or-cool current that flows; pain relief and a sense of deep relaxation. Reiki helps deals with emotional stress and turmoil and helps calm the mind and shift perspectives. This gentle and soothing healing energy clears energy blockages, harmonizes and replenishes the energy field allowing healing at all levels.


“When we are in a true Reiki space, species differences melt away and profound inter-species connections are forged.”

How is Animal Reiki Different?

Animals have a natural affinity for energy healing modalities, and they are natural healers. Most often animals prefer to take the lead and the formal positioning of hands is not necessary. Animal Reiki allows animals to lead a session. Animals can intuitively guide the Reiki to where it is needed and in as much as it is needed. Animals not being bound by cognitive limitations of perceptions of space and time are incredibly receptive to distant Reiki. Those blessed with the love of animal companions may have experienced a daily dose of healing from their beloved companions – e.g. how worries seem to melt away when your cat or dog sits next to you. Read Animals and Energy Healing for more information on how healing can benefit an animal.


And while it is the same Reiki energy, Animal Reiki has some distinct traits. Read more on the need for specialization in Animal Reiki here.