Reiki for Dogs

Reiki for dogs is one of the most gentle ways of healing. And dogs love Reiki!
For centuries, humans and dogs have lived in close alliance and no wonder that dogs are often known as man’s best friend. Anyone living with dogs will know the joy of coming back home to be greeted by their canine companions, the unconditional love they shower on us, and their loyalty and friendship.
And we want what is best for them. If you are living with a dog who is dealing with a physical illness or emotional challenge, Reiki or dogs can bring comfort and relief.

What is Reiki for Dogs?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that was brought into human awareness by Japanese Buddhist practitioner Mikao Usui. It comes from the words “Rei,” meaning spiritual or mystical, and “Ki,” meaning energy. Dogs love Reiki! Animal Reiki Practitioners can offer Reiki for dogs. This can be done over a distance without your dog being physically present for the session.

How Does Reiki for Dogs Work?

In Reiki for dogs, just like in Animal Reiki, the practitioner will offer the space of healing through meditation practices. As an Animal Reiki practitioner, I see Reiki as a state of existence, not something outside of us. When I get into a deep state of Reiki, I also make that energy of Reiki that is within each of us available to others. When I offer Reiki for dogs, your dog also has the free will to decide how to participate and to what extent. And Animal Reiki practitioners will honor and respect that choice without trying to direct or channel energies.

What are the Benefits of Reiki for Dogs?

First and foremost, Reiki for dogs will allow your dog to get into a state of deep relaxation, even though there may be external stressors such as physical or emotional discomfort. In that state of deep relaxation, the potential for physical as well as emotional healing multiplies manifold times.

Zoey was a Labrador and was grieving over the loss of her previous owner. This was when her current human reached out requesting Reiki for her dog. After a couple of sessions, Zoey started to relax visibly. Her human reported that it felt like the light was back in her eyes. And this is the power of Reiki for dogs. As practitioners, we do not direct or focus on a specific ailment or situation. Reiki will work for the highest healing good across all layers.

Here are some of the benefits of Reiki for dogs:
(i) Reiki for dogs can bring deep relaxation and thereby accelerate the body’s healing powers when recovering from a physical illness or surgery.
(ii) Reiki for dogs can help your dog cope with separation anxiety when you are out traveling. Sitters often report that dogs have been calmer than usual when they were offered Reiki.
(iii) Reiki can help your senior dog age in relative comfort.
(iv) Reiki for dogs can help reduce the side effects of certain medications, such as vaccines.
(v) In a multi-animal household, regular practice of Reiki helps create harmony and balance. If you are adopting a new pup, consider the use of Reiki to help your new one integrate into the household.
(vi) Reiki for dogs is especially powerful when offered to dogs in shelters or those that have a history of trauma. The healing energy of Reiki can create a gentle space for the trauma to be released.
(vii) Animal Reiki is extremely powerful and effective when it is time to cross over to Rainbow Bridge. Using Reiki, I create a Bridge of Light that supports dogs as they transition.

Reiki for Dogs Works over Distance Too

And the best is that it can all happen over distances. Your dog need not be physically present during the session. In fact, I recommend not bringing in your dog for Reiki at all. Instead, being in their natural environment without the presence of a stranger will allow them to relax more easily.

Reiki, like other energy healing modalities, is not bound by space. Distant Reiki for dogs works because we are all energy, and we are all interconnected.

Works Independent of Diagnosis

As an Animal Reiki practitioner, I do not need to know what the vet has diagnosed. I do not need to see medical reports. This is very handy because I often encounter people who are dealing with conflicting diagnoses from multiple medical sources. In some cases, I hear, “My dog is not eating, but all medical reports are fine, and doctors say there is nothing wrong with him.” Reiki is offered for the highest healing good and will address the root issue irrespective of whether the practitioner is informed or not.

I often complement the Animal Reiki session with a preliminary Animal Communication reading, though these two modalities work independent of each other.

It is important to note here that Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. Reiki will help your dog get into a deep state of relaxation physically and emotionally. If your dog has a stomach bug and needs medicines, Reiki is not a replacement for the medicines. Instead, Reiki can help your dog recover faster.

Reiki for Dogs Has No Side-effects

Reiki is one of the most gentle forms of energy work. In Animal Reiki, practitioners are trained not to rely on touch, as is often the case for Reiki for humans. Instead, we create a space and invite your dog to join and share the space with us.

Not only is there no side-effect, but Reiki for dogs can also instead be used to counter some of the side effects that come with intensive medical treatments, injections, drips, and vaccines.

Helps You Cope with Stress

You, too, can feel the strain when living with dogs who are coping with challenges. And with Reiki, you can start relaxing too. I practice the Let Animals Lead© method of Animal Reiki, where I can also guide you into a meditative state while I offer Reiki for your dog. And your dog will love it when you are in that zone too.

And You Can Learn Reiki Too!

You do not need to always depend on a practitioner. Once you have experienced the benefit of Reiki for your dog, the easiest step is to get started on your own Reiki journey. Once you complete the first level of Reiki, you will be able to offer a healing space for your dog too. In our family, we do daily family Reiki sessions by creating a Reiki space of healing where all my animal companions join.

It will save the money of hiring a practitioner every time there is a need. It will also allow you to share Reiki in a more loving and preventive manner. And remember, this is also your journey. The energy of Reiki is inside all of us and does not need any superpower or magical abilities. All you need to do is to remember!

And just as energy healing works across boundaries of space, Reiki can be learned online as well. These are some Reiki courses available on demand that you can check out.

Animals are natural healers and have their inner compass set on healing mode. All they need is a little nudge at times.